Zoey Stark Elated at Grayson Waller's WWE SmackDown Spotlight


Zoey Stark Elated at Grayson Waller's WWE SmackDown Spotlight

The recent WWE Draft has been marked by an unexpected influx of NXT stars ascending to the main roster, among whom is the exciting talent Grayson Waller. His move has been met with enthusiastic praise from fellow wrestler Zoey Stark, who has lauded Waller as a unique and gifted performer in the wrestling ring.

During her latest conversation on the "Bleav in Pro Wrestling Podcast," Stark provided more insights into Waller's appeal. “Waller exudes charisma and displays an unshakeable self-assuredness that only heightens his prowess in the ring," she articulated.

"His exceptional talent is one reason why I'm drawn to him. Moreover, his superior skills in promotional work are something that I admire and often seek advice on. It's heartening to see such a talented individual finally earn his rightful place in the spotlight, especially on a high-profile platform like 'SmackDown.'

His success is well-deserved, and I couldn't be happier for him”.

Waller's Talk Show Hits SmackDown

Accompanying Waller's shift to "WWE SmackDown" is his popular talk show - "The Grayson Waller Effect." Waller has hosted two memorable episodes on the renowned blue brand, with his inaugural guest being the esteemed former WWE Champion AJ Styles.

Two weeks later, he interviewed Asuka, fresh off her triumphant victory over Bianca Belair at WWE Night of Champions. However, their engaging discussion was interrupted by several members of the "SmackDown" women's division, including notable wrestlers IYO SKY, Bayley, and Lacey Evans.

Wrestling fans eagerly anticipate the next edition of "The Grayson Waller Effect," scheduled for this Friday, featuring the 14-time World Champion Charlotte Flair. This intriguing episode comes h*t on the heels of "The Queen" challenging Asuka to defend her newly reinstated WWE Women's Championship.

As Waller progressively cements his place on the main roster, he's rapidly ascending WWE's internal rankings, touted as one of the top "SmackDown" heels. Nevertheless, according to Stark, the Australian wrestler conceals a heart of gold behind his tough exterior, further attesting to his multi-faceted appeal.

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