The Ryback-Triple H Fallout: A WWE Relationship Gone Sour


The Ryback-Triple H Fallout: A WWE Relationship Gone Sour
The Ryback-Triple H Fallout: A WWE Relationship Gone Sour

Ryback, the former WWE star known for his outspoken nature, recently shed light on his relationship with Triple H during a conversation on the "K100" podcast with Konnan and Disco Inferno. Reflecting on their dynamic, Ryback opened up about the evolution of their connection.

In the interview, Ryback expressed his initial admiration for Triple H, stating, "I've wanted to like Hunter a lot, and I think early on a lot of it was very good." He acknowledged Triple H's creative input in developing the double stack for his finishing move, the Shell Shock.

The two would engage in conversations, fostering a positive rapport. However, Ryback admitted that he needed to figure out what changed over time, noting the unpredictable nature of the industry.

Devastating FCW Fallout: Ryback's Bold Move

One significant turning point in their relationship occurred when Ryback was sent back to WWE's developmental territory after his initial run as Skip Sheffield with The Nexus.

During this period in Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW), Ryback had an intense phone call with Triple H. In a bold move, he declared his intention to relocate to Las Vegas. Ryback believed that as a developmental talent dictating his plans to an executive, his assertiveness may have needed to be better received.

Nevertheless, things settled between them for a while. "We had meetings in Stamford. He helped me a lot early on, brilliant mind with everything," Ryback revealed, shedding light on their subsequent interactions. However, as time passed, tensions escalated, resulting in heated conversations.

Ryback often chose to go through Triple H before approaching WWE Chairman Vince McMahon. During one particularly intense exchange, Ryback said, "You're the biggest disappointment in my wrestling career. I grew up loving you, and you're just a f****** disappointment." The exchange left Triple H visibly affected, as he lowered his head and pleaded, "Please don't say that." It was a raw expression of Ryback's deep-seated feelings.

Ryback's candid remarks glimpse the complexities of his relationship with Triple H. While their connection started positively, professional differences and heated exchanges eventually strained their rapport. The emotional confrontation revealed Ryback's disillusionment with someone he once admired, showcasing the challenging dynamics and personal struggles that can arise in professional wrestling.

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