Matt Morgan Schedules Back Surgery Amidst Severe Pain Struggles

Former WWE star Matt Morgan faces a new battleground.

by Noman Rasool
Matt Morgan Schedules Back Surgery Amidst Severe Pain Struggles

Longwood City Commissioner and three-time Mayor, Matt Morgan, revealed on Instagram his pressing need for back surgery. He laid out a vivid picture of his enduring intense physical pain and the back story behind it, making a public appeal for prayers.

Morgan, the WWE wrestling legend, disclosed the origin of his back problems and the severe pain he's been experiencing. He said, "In a basketball game, I executed a dunk but landed badly, sending a jarring bolt of electricity from my spine down to my left leg." Morgan injured his back during his early wrestling career in 2002, unfortunately leading to severe opioid addiction.

Morgan's Painful Journey to Sobriety

Reflecting on the rocky start of his WWE tenure, Morgan spoke candidly about his past struggles. He stated, "After being a functioning addict for the early years of my WWE career, I finally sought help." Morgan is celebrating over 17 years of sobriety, but the relentless pain he's enduring is the most severe he's experienced in his lifetime.

Given his sincerity, he cannot resort to painkillers, leaving him in perpetual agony. He attempted to control the pain via an epidural and nerve block injection but received no relief. The situation grew more alarming when his left foot began progressively numbing.

After consultations with five spinal and neurosurgeons, they stressed the urgency for surgery to prevent complete loss of sensation in his foot. Recounting a past injury while with Tna Impact Wrestling, Morgan mentioned a moment when he took a daring leap from the top rope, resulting in a painful landing.

He experienced a similar bolt of electricity and numbness in his leg. With rehab, a nerve block injection in his spine, and natural treatments, he concluded his wrestling career in 2014, primarily pain-free. However, these former solutions are no longer effective.

Morgan grimly noted, "I will lose feeling in my left foot entirely if I don't undergo surgery." He's made it clear that this is a struggle he needs to face head-on and is seeking support from his fans, saying, "Please keep me in your wishes and prayers." His resilience and grit are evident as he prepares for this latest challenge.