Zoey Stark: Ready to Rumble with WWE's Best


Zoey Stark: Ready to Rumble with WWE's Best

Zoey Stark, the rising talent on WWE's main roster, exudes unwavering confidence as she embraces her newfound opportunity. In an exclusive interview with "Bleav In Pro Wrestling," Stark revealed her unshakable belief that she belongs among the elite performers on the main roster.

Despite the emotional rollercoaster of the WWE Draft, she had a gut feeling that her time had come, and her intuition proved right as she received the call-up to "WWE Raw." "I genuinely believe I am one of the top performers who truly belongs in WWE," she confidently declared.

Reflecting on the momentous occasion, Stark described the overwhelming joy and tearful emotions that engulfed her on that fateful night.

Unexpected Alliance of Legends

Since her debut, Stark has quickly made her mark by aligning herself with the legendary Trish Stratus in an ongoing feud against Becky Lynch.

It's an extraordinary opportunity for the young talent. If someone had told her during her time in "WWE NXT" that she would be working alongside these two iconic figures, she would have dismissed it as absurd. "I owe this incredible opportunity to Hunter [Triple H], who placed me in this position because he believes in my ability to hold my own against these two formidable women," Stark revealed.

She strives to prove herself worthy in this remarkable alliance with unwavering determination. The partnership ignited at WWE's Night of Champions, where Stark appeared surprised from beneath the ring, launching an attack on Lynch.

During this pivotal moment, she realized the magnitude of the occasion and discovered a newfound depth within herself, knowing that she couldn't afford to falter. "This is my moment. I have one shot to prove to the world that I belong in the ring with these exceptional women—a Hall of Famer and a future Hall of Famer.

I couldn't have asked for a better position," Stark reflected, acknowledging the weight of the opportunity before her. As the talented newcomer embraces her destiny, her conviction remains unyielding. Zoey Stark stands poised to demonstrate her worth alongside the industry's finest, leaving an indelible mark on the WWE Universe and forging a path toward a promising future.

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