Update on Drew McIntyre Current Situation in WWE


Update on Drew McIntyre Current Situation in WWE

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) fans have been left speculating about the future of Drew McIntyre, the prominent wrestling superstar, as he has remained conspicuously absent from WWE television for an extended period.

The speculation has been fueled by persistent rumors suggesting McIntyre could be on the verge of departing from the company upon the expiration of his current contract. However, the reliable pro-wrestling news source PWInsider has reported mounting pressure within WWE's creative department to reintegrate McIntyre into storyline developments.

The goal is to have McIntyre return in time for the upcoming Money In The Bank event, which is being hosted in London, England, this year. Given the location, the company will present as many top-tier European stars as possible to maximize local fan engagement.

The Scottish-born McIntyre, undoubtedly, is a crucial part of that roster.

Planning McIntyre's TV Comeback

Recently, key meetings have reportedly been held in WWE to discuss possible angles for McIntyre's much-anticipated return to television.

His last appearance on WWE TV was in his Intercontinental Title match against Gunther and Sheamus at WrestleMania 39. Despite his absence from the ring, McIntyre remained in the spotlight as he was named in the WWE Draft and allocated to the Raw brand.

Uncertainty still looms over McIntyre's future with WWE beyond his current contract, which is slated to end in early 2024. An update is still being made about whether the Scottish star is close to penning a new agreement with the company.

The main crux of ongoing discussions is the company's creative direction for McIntyre. After having established himself as a significant star and ambassador for WWE, McIntyre is seeking a firm and well-defined role within the organization moving forward.

In short, the silence surrounding Drew McIntyre's status in WWE might soon be shattered. Fans, the creative team, and company executives are all waiting in anticipation to see how the return of this significant wrestling star will shape the future of WWE.

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