Sabu Picks Dream Opponent from WWE for Farewell Match

Wrestling veteran Sabu reveals his ideal contender for a farewell match.

by Noman Rasool
Sabu Picks Dream Opponent from WWE for Farewell Match

Legendary wrestling icon Sabu has stirred intrigue among fans and promoters with his recent declaration of the terms for his farewell match. Offering compelling insight into his ideal showdown, Sabu clarified that the process to prime him for his last wrestling bout could be expedited with the right financial proposition.

Speaking candidly during a signing event with Golden Ring Collectibles, Sabu pointed out, "The right amount of money. That'll get me in shape faster." He understands the industry's inner workings, acknowledging the immense preparation required for a high-profile match and implying that a substantial financial incentive could quicken the process.

Sabu Prefers Lesnar for Finale

However, it's not just about the money. When probed about the prospect of a final face-off against his renowned teammate and longtime adversary Rob Van Dam, Sabu dismissed the notion. "I'd rather have a match with Brock Lesnar," he disclosed, expressing a preference for a fresh challenge over reliving a previously explored rivalry.

For Sabu, a great retirement would mean stepping into the ring with Brock Lesnar, a WWE star known for his distinctive wrestling style. Sabu believes that this would present an intriguing contrast and an exciting match. He justified his choice by explaining, "He'd be my perfect opponent because he does stuff that I don't do, and I do stuff that he doesn't do." Sabu recently dipped his toes back into the wrestling world, not as a competitor but in a unique enforcer role at AEW Double or Nothing's unsanctioned match between Chris Jericho and Adam Cole.

Nevertheless, it has been a considerable period since Sabu was last seen in the competitive wrestling fray. His former partner, Rob Van Dam, harbors hope that Sabu will be honored with induction into the prestigious WWE Hall of Fame.

However, Van Dam observes Sabu's tendency to be "his own worst enemy" in interviews, a trait that could potentially undermine his chances. Still, Van Dam remains optimistic, suggesting that if Sabu can uphold a sustained period of positive momentum, it could lead to his recognition during WrestleMania season in ECW's birthplace, Philadelphia. This could offset any negative perceptions caused by Sabu's occasionally controversial remarks.