Anthony Bowens Commends Proper LGBTQ+ Portrayal in Wrestling

Wrestler Anthony Bowens advocates for improved LGBTQ+ narratives in wrestling.

by Noman Rasool
Anthony Bowens Commends Proper LGBTQ+ Portrayal in Wrestling

In a recent, riveting discussion with Nerds & Beyond, AEW star Anthony Bowens was candid about his views on LGBTQ+ representation in wrestling. Bowens, an outspoken advocate for the LGBTQ+ community, expressed his strong desire to ensure that stories involving the community are handled appropriately in the wrestling narrative.

Bowens didn't mince his words as he emphasized the necessity of representation being carried out correctly. Drawing from the less-than-satisfactory approaches seen in the past, he voiced a firm commitment to a forward-thinking stance, a departure from past missteps in presenting LGBTQ+ storylines.

"It's about doing justice to the narrative," he remarked, "We must work towards better storytelling. It's not merely about including an LGBTQ+ angle; it's about doing it right. When we talk about progress, it can't be superficial.

We must carefully consider how we portray these stories to avoid repeating past mistakes. As a member of this community, I'm actively figuring out the best stories and the right way to tell them."

Intense Scrutiny on LGBTQ+ Stories

Bowens further noted that any story involving the LGBTQ+ community would inevitably face intense scrutiny.

The world is watching, curious to see how wrestling as an industry handles sensitive topics and how the narrative unfolds. "Any storyline of this nature will be under a microscope," he explained. "People are intrigued and eagerly awaiting to see how the plot develops and how the story is scripted.

It's a delicate subject that has not been executed correctly in the past, which only adds to the gravity of the task at hand." Bowens underscored his intent to take the reins in shaping such narratives in the future. For him, it isn't merely about inclusion but accurate and respectful representation.

The conversation demonstrated Bowens' thoughtful perspective on a much-debated issue. As wrestling continues to evolve, the hope is for authentic, respectful narratives that honor the experiences of all people, with Anthony Bowens emerging as a champion for such change.

His advocacy for doing it the "right way" is a reminder that wrestling, like all storytelling forms, can shape public discourse and society's perceptions.

Anthony Bowens