WWE NXT Star Trick Williams Joins Booker T Reality of Wrestling Promotion


WWE NXT Star Trick Williams Joins Booker T Reality of Wrestling Promotion

Rising WWE NXT sensation, Trick Williams, is set to make a highly anticipated appearance for Booker T's renowned Reality of Wrestling (RTW) promotion. The news broke through RTW's official Twitter account, revealing that Williams will make his presence felt at the upcoming Summer of Champions event on July 15th.

The event is scheduled at the prestigious Humble Civic Center in Humble, Texas. It is expected to be broadcast on the popular FITE platform, the go-to streaming service for most of RTW's thrilling tapings. This isn't the first time an NXT star has ventured into the RTW territory.

Earlier this year, fans witnessed the captivating clash between Ivy Nile and Promise Braxton at an RTW event on February 11th. Speculation arose about a potential talent exchange agreement between WWE and RTW. However, Shawn Michaels, a WWE Hall of Famer, dismissed the rumors, labeling Nile's appearance as a "one-shot deal." However, Booker T, the driving force behind RTW, subtly hinted at the possibility of more WWE superstars gracing his Houston-based promotion.

RTW Expands Collaboration with NXT: Trick Williams' Epic Debut!

According to reputable wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer, RTW is now expected to have intermittent access to NXT stars, further strengthening the collaboration between the two wrestling powerhouses.

Thus, Trick Williams' forthcoming appearance at the July 15th show aligns with this reported agreement. While RTW is yet to unveil Williams' opponent for the event, anticipation and excitement among fans are already soaring.

Williams, who served primarily as a vocal advocate for NXT Champion Carmelo Hayes over the past few years, has recently embarked on a solo journey in the squared circle. These newfound opportunities have allowed the talented 29-year-old to showcase his in-ring prowess to the fervent WWE Universe.

His encounters against formidable adversaries, such as Bron Breaker, Ilja Dragunov, Dijak, and, more recently, Baron Corbin, has captivated audiences and fueled speculation about potential future storylines. Many fervent fans are intrigued by the notion of Hayes turning on Williams, drawing parallels to the memorable betrayal of Shawn Michaels by his former bodyguard, Diesel, at Survivor Series 1994, or even Dakota Kai's betrayal of Raquel Rodriguez in recent years.

As the Summer of Champions event date draws near, the wrestling world eagerly awaits Trick Williams' unusual appearance in the RTW arena. His inclusion not only signifies the evolving relationship between WWE and RTW but also offers fans an enticing glimpse into the promising future of this rising NXT star.

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