Finn Balor Drops Intriguing Hint About Expanding Judgment Day Roster on WWE Raw

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by Noman Rasool
Finn Balor Drops Intriguing Hint About Expanding Judgment Day Roster on WWE Raw

Speculation is rampant after a surprising backstage encounter on the latest "WWE Raw." The leader of the heel faction, Finn Balor, dropped a hint that could shake up the personnel of Judgment Day, his stable. Cameras caught Balor conversing with fellow Irishman JD McDonagh, sparking rumors of McDonagh joining the group.

The conversation between Balor and McDonagh was abruptly interrupted by Damian Priest's arrival, leaving fans wondering about the implications of their discussion. However, McDonagh made it clear to Balor that he would take care of "the other problem" on behalf of his fellow countryman.

Priest seemed perplexed by McDonagh's remark, leading to an awkward exchange where Balor and Priest exchanged congratulations for recent successes.

Intriguing Conversation: Balor's Question to Priest

Balor praised Priest for securing a spot in the highly anticipated men's Money in the Bank ladder match.

At the same time, Priest reciprocated the gesture and encouraged Balor to capture the World Heavyweight Championship from Seth Rollins at the Money in the Bank event. However, the conversation took an intriguing turn when Balor posed a question to Priest.

Curiously, Balor inquired if Priest would consider cashing in the contract on him should he emerge victorious in the ladder match. The question seemed to unsettle Priest, who vehemently assured Balor that he did not intend such an act.

Nonetheless, Priest also requested Balor to uphold his promises, alluding to a situation in which Balor allegedly cost him an opportunity to defeat Rollins in the past week. This segment showcased growing tensions within the Judgment Day faction, further fueling the anticipation of a potential babyface turn for Priest, as hinted at in previous episodes.

The prospect of McDonagh aligning himself with Balor holds considerable intrigue. Interestingly, both men hail from Bray, Ireland, and Balor even played a role in training McDonagh during his teenage years as he embarked on his wrestling journey.

As fans eagerly await further developments, the backstage encounter between Balor, McDonagh, and Priest has set the stage for potential twists and turns within the Judgment Day stable. The possibilities for new alliances and rivalries loom large, leaving the WWE Universe buzzing with excitement and anticipation for the future of these intriguing characters.

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