Johnny Gargano Homecoming: WWE Raw Gets Ready for Johnny's Epic Return


Johnny Gargano Homecoming: WWE Raw Gets Ready for Johnny's Epic Return
Johnny Gargano Homecoming: WWE Raw Gets Ready for Johnny's Epic Return

Fans of Johnny Gargano have been eagerly awaiting his return to WWE programming since his last appearance on "WWE Raw" back on May 15. The anticipation has been heightened as next week's episode of the red brand show is set to take place in Gargano's hometown of Cleveland, Ohio.

In a compelling social media post, the beloved wrestler dropped hints of a possible comeback, leaving fans excited. On Twitter, Gargano shared his thoughts, writing, "You know what they say.. there's no place like home.." He concluded his message with the enigmatic eyes emoji, adding an air of intrigue to his statement.

This cryptic tease has fueled speculation that Gargano might make his long-awaited return on the upcoming episode of "WWE Raw," much to the delight of his devoted fanbase.

Shoulder Injury Sidelines Gargano

Gargano's absence from the ring can be attributed to his shoulder injury in December 2022 during a house show event in Toronto, Canada.

While teaming up with Dexter Lumis to defeat Baron Corbin and The Miz, Gargano sustained a grade-2 AC sprain. Gargano confirmed the news of his injury on social media, expressing his determination to recover and make a triumphant return.

Although he briefly returned to action, participating in the men's Royal Rumble match, his condition reportedly worsened as he competed in both televised and non-televised competitions. Leading up to his dramatic unsanctioned showdown against Grayson Waller at "WWE NXT" Stand & Deliver during WrestleMania 39 weekend in April, Gargano's shoulder was described as severely hampered.

Despite this setback, Gargano exhibited his resilience and determination to entertain his fans, showcasing his unwavering passion for the sport. Now, with the upcoming episode of "WWE Raw" set to take place in his hometown of Cleveland, the stage is perfectly positioned for Gargano's highly anticipated return.

The electrifying energy in the air suggests that fans may witness the long-awaited comeback of "Johnny Wrestling" as he seeks to captivate audiences with his awe-inspiring performances inside the squared circle. As the WWE Universe eagerly counts down the days until next week's episode, the possibility of Gargano's homecoming has generated a buzz of anticipation and excitement.

The question on everyone's minds remains: Will we finally see Johnny Gargano's triumphant return and witness his undeniable impact on the world of professional wrestling once more? Only time will tell, but one thing is sure—the WWE Universe eagerly awaits when Gargano's music hits, signaling his long-awaited comeback to the ring.

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