WWE's Surprising Move: Filing for New NXT Trademark Raises Questions and Speculations

WWE sets the stage for a thrilling NXT transformation.

by Noman Rasool
WWE's Surprising Move: Filing for New NXT Trademark Raises Questions and Speculations

WWE seems to be bringing back a touch of nostalgia with its latest trademark filing for "NXT GOLD RUSH." According to USPTO.report, a reliable source tracking filings with the United States Patent & Trademark Office, WWE has submitted a trademark application for this intriguing name.

The filing indicates that "NXT GOLD RUSH" is intended to cover various categories, primarily about a professional wrestling show, along with the associated parameters for broadcasting and promoting such an event. While the trademark awaits approval, enthusiasts and fans of WWE's NXT brand are excitedly buzzing.

The filing, made on June 9, suggests that "Gold Rush" may serve as a new program or potentially a premium live event. It's an exciting prospect that adds an air of curiosity and intrigue to the future of NXT.

Trademark Activity: Reviving and Rebranding in NXT

It's worth noting that WWE has been proactive in securing trademarks recently, filing for several in rapid succession.

Among the trademarks sought were "Meta-Four," which appears to be connected to Noam Dar's upcoming faction in NXT, and the ring names for famous wrestlers Candice LeRae and Tegan Nox. Interestingly, the trademarks for LeRae and Nox had expired in December, indicating a potential rebranding or new direction for these talented performers.

While the details surrounding "NXT GOLD RUSH" remain undisclosed, avid followers of WWE may recall a past Gold Rush tournament held in 2005. This tournament, won by the then-Money In The Bank briefcase holder Edge, showcased an exciting format that could be revived.

However, there needs to be a concrete indication that the new trademark aims to resurrect that particular concept. Nevertheless, mentioning a Gold Rush theme has ignited speculation among fans eagerly awaiting further updates.

As the filing progresses and awaits review by an examining attorney, NXT's upcoming premium live event, The Great American Bash, looms on the horizon. Scheduled to occur on July 30 at the HEB Center in Cedar Park, Texas, the event needs to have announced matches.

This leaves the possibility that a Gold Rush tournament may determine some of the contenders for this highly anticipated show. With WWE's rich history and penchant for delivering thrilling storylines, the potential revival of a Gold Rush concept on NXT has captured the attention of wrestling enthusiasts.

As fans eagerly await the trademark's approval and subsequent announcements, they are left wondering how this new addition will shape the future of NXT and its already impressive roster of talent. The days of old, the days of gold, and the days of '49 seem to be returning, promising an exciting chapter for WWE's NXT brand.