Paul Heyman Responds to Sami Zayn Audience Interpretation Isn't for Me to Judge

Sami Zayn's storyline sees an unforeseen twist in The Bloodline.

by Noman Rasool
Paul Heyman Responds to Sami Zayn Audience Interpretation Isn't for Me to Judge

Charting an exhilarating journey from a self-proclaimed "Master Strategist" and fallen locker room leader to an "Honorary Uce," and subsequently one-half of the WWE Undisputed Tag Team Champions, Sami Zayn's narrative arc over the past several months has been nothing short of spectacular.

When quizzed about the same on Rick Rubin's "Tetragrammaton," Paul Heyman, advisor to the Big Dog, Roman Reigns, confessed he hadn't anticipated the degree to which Zayn's inclusion would be a hit. Interestingly, Zayn's interaction with Reigns on-screen didn't manifest until a few months into The Bloodline storyline.

As Zayn himself attests, he was never meant to be a permanent addition to the group. Nonetheless, the strategy clicked. Whether it was a serendipitous event or destined to be, the audience related to it. Heyman did not intend to impede a storyline resonating with the viewers.

Zayn's Unexpected Rise to Stardom

"Zayn's involvement in The Bloodline was a hit. Who am I to challenge the audience's taste?" Heyman argued, adding, "Did I anticipate this success? I viewed it as a temporary arrangement akin to a guest appearance.

However, Zayn's stunning performance led us to invite him back, and he eventually turned into a star of the show." Having embarked on his professional wrestling career in the '80s at the tender age of 13, Heyman has an extensive repertoire of experience.

He took the helm of ECW in 1993 and later transitioned to WWE in 2001. Over the decades, he's observed many talents, from those who struggled to connect with the audience despite possessing the immense potential to those who unexpectedly enjoyed extensive and prosperous careers.

Heyman's mantra is clear, "What works, works. What doesn't, doesn't," a saying he's tied to his understanding of the industry. Zayn's sporadic encounters with The Bloodline weren't intended to evolve, but the audience's support compelled reconsideration.

Initially vilified as the "Master Strategist" and ridiculed during his feud with Johnny Knoxville, Zayn underwent a remarkable transformation. He was cheered when bestowed with the "Honorary Uce" title, and the crowd erupted when he assaulted Reigns with a steel chair at the Royal Rumble.

Their support at the Elimination Chamber was undeniable, culminating in an emotional celebration when Zayn and Kevin Owens embraced. The bottom line is, what worked, worked.

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