WWE Legend Brutus Beefcake Opens Up About His Battle with Opioid Dependency

Brutus Beefcake reflects on his battle with opioid addiction.

by Noman Rasool
WWE Legend Brutus Beefcake Opens Up About His Battle with Opioid Dependency

Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake, a celebrated inductee of the WWE Hall of Fame, is among the many professional wrestlers who have grappled with the grip of opioid addiction. Unfortunately, the sad narrative of professional wrestling history is saturated with stories of dependence on pain medication.

In Beefcake's case, he attributes his triumph over addiction to his wife, a beacon of support who has guided him to sobriety for the past dozen years. In a recent candid conversation on "Stories with Brisco and Bradshaw," Beefcake revealed the depth of his gratitude.

"My wife was my lifeline," he confessed. "As I mentioned in my Hall of Fame speech, she was the one who truly saved me. She was instrumental in helping me overcome my reliance on opiates. It's a harsh reality, but many of my closest friends have lost their battles against opiate addiction...

20 companions succumbed to it."

Beefcake's Journey to Sobriety

Beefcake has been sober for 12 years, a significant milestone considering his prior 25 years of substance misuse. "I wasn't consuming them daily," Beefcake conceded, "but given the incessant travel and wrestling matches, if they were available, the likelihood of me succumbing was high." Beefcake's battle with opioid addiction can be traced back to a horrifying parasailing incident that left him with severe facial injuries.

He was hit in the face by a female B—Brian Blair guest, parasailing then. The incident happened while Beefcake was responsible for handling the parasail line, and he ended up in the water, trapped between the boat and the parasailing guest.

Recounting the incident, Beefcake said, "The impact at 35 miles per hour was so intense; it shattered my face." The prognosis by medical professionals was initially bleak, suggesting he might never return to the wrestling ring.

However, Beefcake defied the odds, continued his wrestling career for approximately 20 more years, and eventually hung up his boots in November 2015. His narrative is a testament to resilience, survival, and the power of a supportive companion in overcoming adversity.