Thunder Rosa Declares Pain-Free Status, Prepares for Ring Return

Returning from injury, Thunder Rosa opens up on NBC Chicago.

by Noman Rasool
Thunder Rosa Declares Pain-Free Status, Prepares for Ring Return

Former women's wrestling champion Thunder Rosa recently made an appearance on NBC Chicago, where she delved into a plethora of subjects, ranging from her reflections on the inauguration of All Elite Wrestling's (AEW) new show, Collision, to providing updates on her back health status.

She expressed her exhilaration of being pain-free for the first time in a considerable period, even though she acknowledged a challenging journey ahead of her before she could make her much-anticipated return to the wrestling ring.

Rosa candidly admitted, "Things are progressing as they should. The fact that I'm finally free from pain is a cause for celebration. It feels like an eternity since I last felt this way." She added, "I know the fans are eagerly awaiting updates, and I can assure them I'm leaving no stone unturned, training every day to step back into the ring at the earliest, provided the circumstances permit."

AEW Collision: Rosa's New Beginning

Thunder Rosa also discussed how the launch of AEW Collision has potentially marked the onset of an exciting new phase in her illustrious career.

This comes after an injury had sidelined her for almost a year, leading her to explore other facets of her personality. Opening up about this transformative period, Rosa said, "Post my injury, and in retrospection of the events that have unfolded over the past nine to ten months, I've embraced an open mindset towards everything my career might have in store.

It led me to unearth my talents, such as being a commentator, a radio host, a singer, and a vlogger, constantly striving to innovate and create something fresh."
She also touched upon her outlook toward professional wrestling, saying, "In this sphere, too, I don't expect things to be any different.

Regardless of the future, I am committed to cherishing each moment." With the debut of Collision and the opportunities that AEW has extended to numerous others, including Miro, FTR, MJF, and more, Rosa is eager and optimistic about the future.

She ended on a hopeful note, saying, "It's going to be a thrilling ride. The entire team is eager for these fresh beginnings and the excitement of a new show."

Thunder Rosa