AEW Star Remains Contracted Despite Absence


AEW Star Remains Contracted Despite Absence
AEW Star Remains Contracted Despite Absence

In recent months, the status of Rebel, a prominent associate of Dr. Britt Baker DMD and Jamie Hayter in All Elite Wrestling's (AEW) women's division, has sparked questions among fans and industry insiders. While Baker and Hayter have been dominating the division, Rebel's presence has noticeably diminished, raising speculation about her current role within the company.

Dr. Britt Baker's rise to the pinnacle of AEW's women's division has been marked by her captivating personality, in-ring prowess, and undeniable charisma. Rebel has played a crucial supportive role alongside her, assisting her every step of the way.

However, with Baker and Hayter recently transitioning to babyfaces in their ongoing feud with The Outcasts, Rebel's on-screen appearances have significantly decreased.

Rebel Absent Amidst AEW's Face Turn

Renowned wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer, from the Wrestling Observer, shed light on this matter in March 2023.

He revealed that Rebel was no longer utilized in AEW's programming, stating that her absence resulted from Baker and Hayter's facial turn. According to Meltzer, the creative team felt that Rebel's character needed to align with the current direction of the act involving the newly-turned babyfaces.

Despite her absence from recent shows, it has been confirmed by Fightful Select that Rebel remains under contract with AEW. While she may not have been seen on television, Rebel has kept busy with other endeavors. She hosts Rebel's Happy Hour, a podcast produced by Conrad Thompson's AdFreeShows network, where she engages with fans and shares insights into her experiences.

Rebel's wrestling journey extends beyond AEW. She previously competed in TNA/IMPACT Wrestling, where she was associated with factions such as The Menagerie and The Dollhouse. Notably, she emerged victorious in a thrilling Lethal Lockdown match at Lockdown in 2016, defeating esteemed competitors Gail Kim, Maria Kanellis, and Velvet Sky.

As fans eagerly await Rebel's return to AEW programming, her continued presence under contract demonstrates the company's investment in her talent and potential contributions. While her absence may have raised concerns, it's evident that AEW values her skills and recognizes the value she brings to the table, both inside and outside the ring.


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