WWE Hall of Famer Hails Cody Rhodes' Potential for Wrestling Excellence

Hall of Famer Bischoff predicts captivating storyline for Cody Rhodes

by Atia Mukhtar
WWE Hall of Famer Hails Cody Rhodes' Potential for Wrestling Excellence

WWE Hall of Famer Eric Bischoff, known for his tenure as the former RAW general manager, has ignited speculation and excitement among pro wrestling fans with his recent remarks about Cody Rhodes. Bischoff believed that Rhodes, the son of the late wrestling legend Dusty Rhodes, could potentially be involved in one of the most captivating storylines ever witnessed in professional wrestling.

Cody Rhodes, who adopted the moniker of the "American Nightmare," rejoined the WWE with a heartfelt mission—to fulfill his father's lifelong dream of capturing a world championship in the company. Rhodes took a significant step towards achieving this goal by triumphing in the highly anticipated 2023 Men's Royal Rumble Match.

With his victory, he earned the opportunity to challenge Roman Reigns for the prestigious Undisputed WWE Universal Championship at the grandest stage of them all—WrestleMania 39. However, despite his valiant efforts and the immense support from the WWE Universe, Cody Rhodes fell short in his quest to dethrone the formidable Roman Reigns.

Yet, Eric Bischoff remains undeterred in his optimism for Rhodes' future. In an interview with the esteemed journalist Ariel Helwani, Bischoff shared his thoughts and made a bold prediction that has left wrestling enthusiasts buzzing.

Cody Rhodes: Following Dusty's Footsteps

Drawing parallels to Dusty Rhodes' legendary journey, Bischoff emphasized the underdog narrative and the determination to overcome obstacles that defined Dusty's career. He expressed his conviction that Cody Rhodes would emulate his father's ascent to superstardom, presenting the audience with a captivating and memorable storyline that would rank among the very best in the history of professional wrestling.

While Bischoff now primarily focuses on the business aspect of wrestling and no longer closely follows the shows, he acknowledged the great Bloodline storyline. He expressed his admiration for the creative direction of the WWE.

Despite Cody Rhodes' loss at WrestleMania, Bischoff maintained that the decision was not a misstep, demonstrating his faith in the storytelling capabilities of the WWE creative team. The speculation surrounding Cody Rhodes and the possibility of a riveting storyline has captivated the imagination of wrestling fans everywhere.

As they eagerly await the next chapter in Rhodes' journey, the anticipation and excitement build, fueled by Eric Bischoff's prophetic words. Only time will tell if his prediction will come to fruition, but one thing is sure—the wrestling world remains enthralled by the potential and promise of Cody Rhodes' future endeavors within the WWE.

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