Booker T Discusses Merging WWE Main and NXT Talent

Main roster stars invigorate WWE NXT with their presence.

by Noman Rasool
Booker T Discusses Merging WWE Main and NXT Talent

The recent trend of incorporating main roster superstars into the "WWE NXT" platform has gained momentum, with notable stars such as Mustafa Ali, Dana Brooke, and Baron Corbin appearing. Wrestling icon Booker T has shown significant support for this innovative approach.

In a recent conversation on his "Hall of Fame" radio show, Booker T expressed his enthusiasm for integrating these two rosters. "The idea of blending the superstar talent from the main roster with the up-and-coming NXT talent is exciting," he said.

"Instead of hastening their transition to Raw, it allows the seasoned pros to step down a level, elevating the NXT talent in the process."

Merger Enhances Wrestlers' Growth

This merger, Booker T explained, can be likened to a college basketball player going toe-to-toe with an NBA veteran.

It's not just a thrilling encounter but an opportunity for growth and firsthand experience under less demanding circumstances. "NXT is brimming with raw talent," he added. "But these young wrestlers often lack an understanding of what it's like to compete with a main roster athlete.

Once they step into the ring with them, they are instantly exposed to the stark contrast in working style, strength, and other nuances. It's a difference they may not have perceived before." The potential for significant bouts coming from this new concept is enormous.

Bron Breakker's recent challenge to Seth Rollins for a defense of his World Heavyweight Championship on "NXT" attests to this, demonstrating a real excitement factor. Moreover, from a rating perspective, Booker T sees enormous potential in this crossover strategy.

"When a star like Seth Rollins makes an appearance on NXT, it's bound to spike the ratings," he noted. "Even if it's just for one night, knowing that a main event with Rollins or any main roster talent is scheduled can create a substantial rating boost.

It's a brilliant move, indeed." From Booker T's perspective, integrating the main WWE roster with NXT represents a significant step forward in wrestling. It promotes talent development, enhances viewer engagement, and promises to deliver compelling matchups - the perfect recipe for a thrilling wrestling experience.

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