Hulk Hogan Insists Professional Wrestling Is More Than Just Scripted Entertainment

Diving into wrestling dynamics, Hulk Hogan shares intriguing insights.

by Noman Rasool
Hulk Hogan Insists Professional Wrestling Is More Than Just Scripted Entertainment

The wrestling world was graced by the legendary figure of Hulk Hogan, a WWE Hall of Famer, during a recent episode of the "Full Send Podcast" hosted by the Nelk Boys. Hogan took the opportunity to shed light on the intricacies of professional wrestling.

Contrary to popular belief, Hogan stressed that professional wrestling was not just a scripted spectacle but rather a competition - a "shoot." "It's a common perception that this business is a work," Hogan began. "However, if I'm earning twice as much as you, despite wrestling in the same ring, does that seem like work to you? That, to me, is a bona fide shoot.

I've always seen this business as a shoot, where the person who earns the most money stands victorious."

Hierarchy Matters in Wrestling Pay

He recalled his tenure working for Vince McMahon, "When I was wrestling Bob Backlund, the reigning champion, he always took home a higher pay.

This indicates it's not about the scripted storyline but your position in the hierarchy. Winning or losing does matter; being the champion does matter. So, those who say 'it's work' might need to reevaluate their views. Ultimately, it boils down to your earnings and the mileage you've earned in the industry." The acclaimed WWE World Heavyweight Champion delved into the importance of personas within the wrestling sphere.

Hogan reminisced about his times as a "babyface," or the good guy, and how it greatly benefitted the business and his brand. "Before the emergence of the New World Order, the 'faces' in the business always outsold 'heels' by a ratio of two to one.

I treated my career as a shoot, not a work. The fact that my merchandise was selling at twice the rate of the bad guy's, that's a clear indicator it's a shoot," said Hogan, reinforcing his stance. Toward the end of the interview, Hogan opened up about his dismissal by Vince McMahon Sr.

due to his role in "Rocky III." Hogan was supposedly being groomed to fit a specific role in the wrestling world, and the film was seen as a departure from that path. Hogan's insights give fans a unique glimpse into the nuances of the professional wrestling world, challenging the notion that it's all just a scripted 'work.'

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