Bayley's Reaction to WWE's New Women's Titles Unveiling


Bayley's Reaction to WWE's New Women's Titles Unveiling
Bayley's Reaction to WWE's New Women's Titles Unveiling

The professional wrestling world is seeing a significant shift in its approach to women's championships, with WWE notably replacing the Raw and Smackdown Women's Titles with newly designed crowns. Among the voices responding to these changes is Bayley, a stalwart of WWE's women's division, known for her extensive championship history.

In a move that signifies change and evolution, WWE recently announced the end of the Raw and Smackdown Women's Titles era. On last Friday's Smackdown, Asuka received a brand-new WWE Women's Title, effectively replacing the Raw Women's Title she formerly held.

Subsequently, during this Monday's Raw, Rhea Ripley was handed the newly minted Women's World Title. This strategic renaming of the titles serves a dual purpose. It allows for a seamless transition of wrestlers between Raw and Smackdown and eliminates the previously disliked need for belt swaps.

Bayley's Historic Championship Reigns

Bayley's perspective on this change is particularly poignant due to her decorated tenure on WWE's main roster. She's a two-time Smackdown Women's Champion, a one-time Raw Women's Champion, and a double-reign Women's Tag Team Champion.

Impressively, she held the Smackdown Women's Championship for 379 days, the longest reign for that title, and her combined reign of 519 days makes her the longest-reigning woman champion in the seven-year history of the title.

Expressing her sentiments on WWE's The Bump, Bayley drew parallels with past significant moments and commented on the beauty of the new titles. "It's sad to see the previous ones go, but the locker room and roster have evolved immensely.

It's refreshing to see a brand-new slate. It reminded me of when the Divas Title was retired, and Lita unveiled the new Raw Women's Title at WrestleMania." For Bayley, this change has rekindled her competitive spirit, sparking her desire to raise the new title high.

"I've done pretty much everything, so it lights a fire in me to want to see myself, or IYO [SKY], raising either one of those titles." Looking ahead, Bayley will compete in the WWE Women's Money in the Bank Ladder Match on July 1st alongside IYO SKY, Zelina Vega, Becky Lynch, Zoey Stark, and others.

As a previous MITB winner who has successfully cashed in for a championship, Bayley hopes to repeat that achievement in this new era.