Logan Paul: Bad Bunny's Surprising WWE Success Defies Expectations

Bad Bunny's impressive wrestling journey garners industry-wide acclaim.

by Atia Mukhtar
Logan Paul: Bad Bunny's Surprising WWE Success Defies Expectations

Changing the perception of celebrity wrestling matches is no easy feat, but recent performances by Logan Paul and Bad Bunny have succeeded. Paul, known for his YouTube stardom, recently admired Bad Bunny's surprising prowess in the WWE.

During an episode of his podcast, "IMPULSIVE," Paul commended the musician-turned-wrestler for his impressive skills inside the ring. Drawing a comparison between himself and Bad Bunny, Paul emphasized his athletic background, having participated in high school wrestling and various sports.

As a YouTuber, Paul firmly asserts his identity as an athlete while acknowledging his initial skepticism about Bad Bunny's potential. "He has no business being as good as he is," Paul admitted, clearly impressed by the musician's incredible talent and dedication to the craft of wrestling.

Bad Bunny's WWE Triumphs

Bad Bunny's journey in WWE began with a memorable debut at WrestleMania 37. Since then, he has continued to make waves in the wrestling world, participating in the 2022 Royal Rumble and achieving a victorious Street Fight against Damien Priest at WWE Backlash, held in his home country of Puerto Rico.

Industry insiders, including wrestling veteran Mark Henry, have praised Bad Bunny as the best celebrity performer in wrestling, highlighting his positive reception from fans and colleagues alike. Meanwhile, Logan Paul has been making his mark in the WWE.

After his debut appearance at WrestleMania 38, where he teamed up with The Miz against the father-son duo of Rey and Dominik Mysterio, Paul went on to face The Miz in a single match at WWE SummerSlam later that year. His journey continued with a challenging match against Roman Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship at WWE Crown Jewel 2022, followed by his participation in the 2023 Royal Rumble.

Paul garnered acclaim for his highly-regarded singles match against Seth Rollins at WWE WrestleMania 39. While Paul's upcoming appearance on the June 19 edition of "WWE Raw" remains shrouded in mystery, it is evident that his association with the WWE is far from over.

As for Bad Bunny, although he has yet to appear in recent events following WWE Backlash, it is doubtful that wrestling fans have seen the last of the multi-talented musician inside the squared circle. Their remarkable performances have proven that celebrity involvement in wrestling can transcend expectations and captivate audiences in new and exciting ways.

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