Sheamus Insists on Inclusion in Money in The Bank Event


Sheamus Insists on Inclusion in Money in The Bank Event
Sheamus Insists on Inclusion in Money in The Bank Event

In a recent exclusive interview with METRO, WWE superstar Sheamus, also known as The Celtic Warrior, firmly stated that he should unquestionably be included in the lineup for the upcoming Money in The Bank event, set to be hosted in London, England.

Reflecting on the tremendous reaction he received during last year's Clash at the Castle in Wales, Sheamus expressed confidence that WWE's decision-makers should view him as an indispensable asset. He declared, "If it's with Ridge too, that'd be great.

But remember, during the Clash At The Castle; my performance was unparalleled. Even with the focus on the match between Roman and Drew, my showdown with GUNTHER stole the show."

Sheamus: A Crowd Favorite Everywhere

The Celtic Warrior, known for his fiery spirit and stellar performances, believes that his consistent ability to "blow the roof off the place," regardless of the location, makes him a compelling choice for any high-stakes event.

Whether performing in Cardiff, Wales, Lexington, Kentucky, or Madison Square Garden, Sheamus confidently asserts that the reactions he garners from audiences are extraordinary. According to Sheamus, the European setting of the upcoming pay-per-view event should automatically elevate him to the top of the list for consideration.

London, after all, is just a stone's throw away from his home city of Dublin. This proximity, relentless drive, and captivating performances should guarantee his spot on the card. Despite boasting a solid 16-year tenure with WWE, Sheamus has no plans to rest on his laurels.

"At this stage, I'm not content just to sit back, say 'I'm happy to be here,' and collect a paycheck. That's never been my style," he insists. For him, the thrill of competition and the joy of performance takes precedence over all else.

In conclusion, Sheamus feels he has more than earned his place on the upcoming Money in The Bank card. He says, "Especially when a pay-per-view comes to London, a stone's throw away from Dublin, it's wild. Everything I've done the last 16 years, I should be the number one name they think of."


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