Eric Bischoff Highlights MJF Unique AEW Presence, Sees Potential for WWE Transition


Eric Bischoff Highlights MJF Unique AEW Presence, Sees Potential for WWE Transition

In a recent interview with Ariel Helwani, renowned Hall of Famer Eric Bischoff shared his admiration for MJF, the reigning AEW World Champion. Bischoff expressed his belief that MJF's exceptional talent sets him apart on the AEW roster and urged Tony Khan, the AEW President, to try to retain him beyond his current contract, set to expire in 2024.

Bischoff's admiration for MJF was evident as he remarked, "I think the world of MJF as a talent. I like him as a person. I've crossed paths with him several times, and I can't say enough great things about his talent." Recognizing the scarcity of talents comparable to MJF on the roster, Bischoff emphasized the need for AEW to retain him, stating, "There's a lot of great wrestlers there, athletes, there are.

But if you look at the younger crop of regularly featured talent in AEW, three-quarters of them could walk through any mall in America, and nobody would know who they are. MJF stands out."

MJF's WWE Transition: Bischoff Praises Intelligence and Adaptability

When the topic of a potential move to WWE arose, Bischoff expressed confidence in MJF's intelligence and ability to adapt to WWE's style if he were to make the transition.

"He's brilliant, so yeah. You have to be smart. You can't go in there, 24 years old, thinking you're God's gift to the wrestling industry with a chip on your shoulder," Bischoff commented. Noting that MJF's on-screen persona may differ from his real-life intelligence, Bischoff indicated that he had engaged in conversations with MJF that revealed his astuteness.

He opined that MJF possessed the insight necessary to join the WWE roster effortlessly, should he choose to do so. Eric Bischoff's interview highlighted MJF's exceptional presence within AEW and potential value to the company.

With Bischoff advocating for AEW to retain MJF's services, it is evident that his talent and connection with the audience make him an invaluable asset. Furthermore, Bischoff's confidence in MJF's intelligence and adaptability indicates that transitioning to WWE could be a viable option for the Salt of the Earth.

Fans will eagerly await MJF's decision regarding his wrestling career path, as his next move holds significant intrigue for AEW and WWE enthusiasts.

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