Angelo Dawkins Talks WWE's Potential New Tag Team Titles


Angelo Dawkins Talks WWE's Potential New Tag Team Titles
Angelo Dawkins Talks WWE's Potential New Tag Team Titles

As WWE continues to introduce new titles and revamp existing ones, the fate of the "Raw" and "SmackDown" Tag Team Titles remains a topic of speculation. Following the unification of the titles for over a year, fans are eager to know what lies ahead for these prestigious championships.

In an interview with "The Masked Man Show," Angelo Dawkins of the Street Profits shared his thoughts on the potential future of the tag team titles. When asked about the possibility of new title designs, Dawkins was curious, stating, "Your guess is as good as mine.

If there is [a new design], I hope." While Dawkins acknowledged that the current red and blue tag team titles are commendable, he also conveyed a desire for something fresh and innovative. Playfully contemplating the idea, he proposed the fusion of the titles, drawing inspiration from the fusion dance performed by characters in the popular anime series "Dragon Ball Z." Dawkins humorously suggested a vibrant purple design, as red and blue colors mix to create that hue, and even playfully coined the term "purple gang" to represent their potential dominance.

Street Profits' Take on WWE's New Championships

Amidst the discussion about tag team gold, the Street Profits were also asked about their thoughts on the newly introduced WWE World Heavyweight Championship and the revamped design of the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship.

Dawkins responded with lighthearted optimism, stating, "They'll look good around my waist. They'll look good around Montez's waist. I don't know." The Street Profits are eager to chase after new accolades while maintaining a sense of humor and confidence in their abilities.

Recently, the Street Profits made a brand switch as part of the WWE Draft, moving from "Raw" to "SmackDown." Additionally, Dawkins' tag team partner Montez Ford is generating buzz for his upcoming untitled reality show on Hulu, featuring his wife, former "Raw" Women's Champion Bianca Belair.

As the WWE landscape evolves, fans eagerly await the unveiling of any potential changes to the tag team titles. With the charismatic duo of the Street Profits leading the charge, the future of tag team wrestling in WWE is undoubtedly an exciting and colorful journey.

Tag Team Street Profits

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