Ridge Holland Provides Drew McIntyre's WWE Return Update

Speculation Surrounds Drew McIntyre's Absence as Potential Return Date Emerges

by Atia Mukhtar
Ridge Holland Provides Drew McIntyre's WWE Return Update

Drew McIntyre's absence from WWE programming since his defeat at the hands of GUNTHER during WrestleMania 39 over two months ago has left fans wondering about his whereabouts. Despite being drafted to the Raw roster, McIntyre has yet to appear on the show, raising speculation and theories about his prolonged absence.

Various rumors have circulated, suggesting health issues, creative disagreements, personal matters, or even intense contract negotiations. However, the actual cause of his absence remains shrouded in uncertainty. During a recent interview with Cultaholic Wrestling, WWE wrestler Ridge Holland shed some light on Drew McIntyre's situation.

Holland offered reassurance when asked about McIntyre's well-being by stating, "He's fine. Drew's fine. Yeah, he is probably in the gym as we speak, lifting two cows...he's a big human. Yeah, he's fine. Drew is good." Holland's response implies that Drew McIntyre's absence may not be related to a health concern, at least not now.

Potential Timeline for Drew McIntyre's WWE Return

Although Holland claimed to be unaware of the specifics, he unexpectedly provided a potential timeline for McIntyre's return to the WWE. He remarked, "I don't know for sure.

I know nothing...Whether it's a month, two months from now, or three months from now, you'll see Drew McIntyre back in a WWE ring." Holland's statement suggests that McIntyre's reappearance in WWE may occur by the end of the summer, although no concrete date was provided.

As fans eagerly await the return of the Scottish Warrior, it appears that McIntyre is diligently focused on maintaining his physical prowess. Holland's humorous remark about McIntyre lifting cows in the gym emphasizes the wrestler's solid and robust nature.

While the actual reasons for McIntyre's absence continue to elude fans, Holland's comments provide a glimmer of hope that McIntyre will again grace the WWE ring soon. As the countdown to WWE's return to the United Kingdom for Money in the Bank on July 1 draws closer, the anticipation surrounding Drew McIntyre's comeback grows.

Will McIntyre's triumphant return coincide with this high-profile event? Only time will tell. Until then, fans eagerly await the day when McIntyre's unmistakable presence and unwavering spirit will captivate the WWE universe again.

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