Rocky Romero's WWE Encounter: A Memoir


Rocky Romero's WWE Encounter: A Memoir

Rocky Romero, a prominent New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW) figure as their primary American liaison and a key booker, recently shared intriguing insights about his career in a revealing "Under the Ring" podcast interview. Despite WWE's strong interest in him seven years ago, Romero's loyalty to NJPW prevailed.

During the interview, Romero recounted the critical juncture in his career when WWE expressed interest in signing him before the Cruiserweight Classic tournament. At the time, he found himself in contract negotiations with NJPW.

WWE presented an enticing offer to participate in the prestigious contest, but they also wanted him to assume a coaching position.

Rocky's Apprehension Leads to NJPW Loyalty

Romero deliberated on the two offers, acknowledging that had WWE solely offered him a spot in the Cruiserweight Classic, he might have considered waiting longer before re-signing with NJPW.

However, the coaching position made him apprehensive about WWE's intentions. He felt that the coaching role might imply they didn't see him as a significant competitor, potentially limiting his prospects in the Cruiserweight Classic.

Consequently, Romero declined WWE's offer and instead recommitted himself to NJPW. Reflecting on his choice, Romero expressed contentment, noting that the past two years have been some of his most fulfilling in the wrestling industry.

In addition to his contributions within NJPW, he has been actively representing the promotion in its American branch, "NJPW Strong," where he also serves as a booker. Moreover, Romero has been showcasing his skills internationally, competing in AEW, ROH, Impact Wrestling, and CMLL promotions.

With his decision to remain dedicated to NJPW, Romero has solidified his status as a vital figure in the pro wrestling landscape. His loyalty and commitment to the promotion have paid off, allowing him to thrive inside and outside the ring.

As he continues making significant contributions to the wrestling world, fans eagerly anticipate the future of the resilient and talented Rocky Romero.