Ricochet's Bold Challenge: Smacking Will Ospreay and Silencing Him

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Ricochet's Bold Challenge: Smacking Will Ospreay and Silencing Him
Ricochet's Bold Challenge: Smacking Will Ospreay and Silencing Him

The long-standing rivalry between WWE sensation Ricochet and New Japan Pro-Wrestling (NJPW) star Will Ospreay continues to ignite fiery exchanges. Despite Ospreay's disinterest in joining WWE and the slim chance of a future rematch, Ricochet remains determined to keep the hate alive.

During an appearance on "Mark Andrews: My Love Letter to Wrestling," Ricochet unleashed a barrage of threatening words directed at his former adversary when the topic of Ospreay's online feud with Seth Rollins was raised.

Expressing his doubts, Ricochet remarked, "I highly doubt Will is just going to show up at the O2, and honestly, Seth's got a lot on his plate over here." He added, "As intriguing as it sounds, Seth has bigger concerns right now than a potential 'Forbidden Door' match, or whatever you want to call it." While acknowledging the potential excitement of a showdown between Ospreay and Rollins, Ricochet stressed that Rollins had his hands full defending his title against WWE competitors.

But Ricochet's words didn't stop there. He directly addressed Ospreay, delivering a sharp request: "Will, shut up. I'll slap you in the face, too, Will. Shut up."

Ricochet's High Praise for Ospreay and Moose

During the discussion, Ricochet initially praised Ospreay, stating that the NJPW star had the potential to thrive within the WWE system.

Recognizing Ospreay's accomplishments, Ricochet emphasized that with the powerhouse promotion behind him, Ospreay could reach even greater heights. Ricochet also mentioned Impact Wrestling's Moose as another wrestler he believed could excel in WWE.

The history between Ospreay and Ricochet encompasses nine intense singles matches spanning from 2013 to 2017, taking place across promotions such as NJPW, RevPro, PWG, and WCPW. During that period, their awe-inspiring athleticism earned them praise online, though some detractors criticized the bouts for appearing overly choreographed.

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