Hulk Hogan Recalls Epic WrestleMania 3 Triumph Over Andre The Giant


Hulk Hogan Recalls Epic WrestleMania 3 Triumph Over Andre The Giant

In a recent candid interview on the Full Send podcast, the wrestling legend, Hulk Hogan, took a nostalgic dive into one of the most memorable matches of his career - the epic showdown with Andre, The Giant at WrestleMania 3.

The Immortal One's revelations from that unforgettable encounter will fascinate wrestling enthusiasts worldwide. Hogan started by revealing that he had never claimed victory over Andre before their headline WrestleMania bout, which caused no embarrassment since no one had ever beaten the Giant.

According to Hogan, the uncertainty surrounding the match's climax was palpable. Speaking to Vince McMahon, the WWE Chairman, he said, "You know here we are the night before; what are we doing tomorrow?" Vince's response was intriguingly vague: "I don't know… I'm sure Andre will do the right thing." Vince suggested Hogan should spend time with Andre in the dressing room before the match to ease any potential tensions.

Heeding the advice, Hogan arrived at the venue by noon, sat beside Andre, and watched as the Giant consumed three-fifths of Crown Royal, offering an intriguing glimpse into the backstage camaraderie and preparations.

Hogan's Decisive Slam Seals Victory

Hogan shared the crucial moment that turned the match in his favor.

As the bout neared its end, Andre suddenly commanded, "Slam!" Hogan, surprised, had to react swiftly. He recalled, "I thought I heard what I heard, and as he approached me, I stepped back and scooped him. Then, getting his momentum, I barely got him over." Following the successful bodyslam, Hogan executed his famous leg drop, half-expecting Andre to kick out.

But the Giant didn't, and Hogan emerged victorious. Reflecting on the pivotal victory, Hogan acknowledged its significance for his career. "I realized what he had done for me. He had just made my career there, brother," Hogan said.

He was already enjoying a successful run, but that victory gave it an unparalleled boost. He compared the moment to "hitting double nitrous buttons." Hogan's conversation ended on a reflective note, acknowledging the inherent risk of that monumental match.

He recognized that Andre was severely injured and that the game could have ended in disaster. "There was a damn good chance we could have s**t the bed that night and ruined everything," Hogan confessed. Thankfully for him and the fans, history had a different script, one that still reverberates in the hallowed halls of wrestling lore.

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