Jey Uso Superkicks Roman Reigns, Exits The Bloodline on SmackDown

Family drama unfolds in the WWE's powerful Bloodline faction.

by Atia Mukhtar
Jey Uso Superkicks Roman Reigns, Exits The Bloodline on SmackDown

On a riveting Friday night episode of "WWE SmackDown," the wrestling world saw Roman Reigns, known as "The Tribal Chief," come face to face with his cousin Jey Uso's unexpected response - a scintillating superkick. During the evening, Reigns and his strategic advisor, "Wiseman" Paul Heyman, were involved in a diplomatic mission to sway Jey to comply with their agendas.

They painted a narrative that the blame for Jey's recent loss of the United States Championship title to Austin Theory rested on his twin brother Jimmy's shoulders. Heyman was adamant that Jimmy's mistaken kick aimed at Reigns during the Night of Champions was a deliberate move against Jey, all in a bid to stoke discord within the ranks.

Jey Uso Resists, Allies Emerge

Yet, Jey Uso, a pillar of stoicism, remained unmoved by these psychological tactics. A silent nod from an unexpected visitor, Sami Zayn, bolstered his resolve, hinting at possible alliances outside The Bloodline.

Upon Jey's arrival at the ring, a desperate Reigns sought to throw Jimmy into the line of fire once more. The revelation of Jimmy's resistance to the idea of his brother succeeding Reigns as the "Tribal Chief" seemed to be the breaking point for Jey, a hint that he might be ready to sever ties with his brother.

However, the wrestling world has repeatedly seen Jey's unwavering loyalty to his twin. Emotionally charged, Jey announced, "So guess what? You out!" referring to Jimmy, before adding, "And I'm out too," which was swiftly followed by his foot connecting with Reigns's face.

Then, in a shocking turn of events, the Uso brothers joined forces to superkick their cousin Solo Sikoa, before taking down Reigns again. This marked a drastic twist in the tale of The Bloodline, a faction that had seen phenomenal success under Reigns' leadership for nearly three years.

But that fateful Friday night put a resounding full stop to the dominance of The Bloodline as we knew it, showcasing a major upheaval in the intricate dynamics of professional wrestling.

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