WWE Avoids AEW Tampering Risks

Andrade's Contract Raises Questions Amidst Conflicting Statements

by Atia Mukhtar
WWE Avoids AEW Tampering Risks

The dynamics of wrestling promotions engaging in discussions with talent from rival companies have undergone notable changes over the years. Recent times have witnessed a heightened level of caution among these promotions, demonstrating a significant shift from the past practices that saw bold pursuits of talent, such as the memorable instance shared by Chris Jericho in his memoir.

In 1999, WWE actively courted Jericho while still under contract with WCW. However, the Wrestling Observer Newsletter now reveals that WWE is proceeding with particular care, mindful of the potential accusations of contract tampering leveled against them by AEW.

Moreover, WWE seeks to avoid adding fuel to its ongoing legal battle with MLW. This recent development arose within a broader discussion concerning the contractual status of Rush and Andrade El Idolo, sparked by the burgeoning rumor mill in Mexico.

Specifically, the grapevine suggests Rush's one-year contract with AEW is nearing expiration. At the same time, Andrade, despite AEW not imposing any restrictions on his Mexican bookings, declared that his June 15 match in Laguna would mark his last appearance in the region for the foreseeable future.

Andrade's Contract Confusion Deepens

The situation becomes somewhat convoluted due to conflicting statements made by Andrade. In April, he mentioned that his contract was due to conclude "very soon," which contrasts with his initial claim upon signing, where he asserted that it extended until June 2024.

Furthermore, the potential extension resulting from his injury-induced hiatus remains unaccounted for. Last year, the Wrestling Observer Newsletter reported WWE's attempts to contact specific AEW talent—an account later corroborated by AEW CEO Tony Khan several months later.

Given the complex circumstances surrounding talent contracts and the delicate interplay between wrestling promotions, WWE is adopting a cautious stance. The company aims to avoid any perceived tampering with AEW's roster while simultaneously navigating the ongoing legal intricacies with MLW.

As the landscape of professional wrestling continues to evolve, it remains crucial for promotions to approach talent recruitment and contractual matters with heightened vigilance and adherence to legal boundaries.

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