Bret Hart Inspires Roman Reigns: WWE Star's Wrestling Journey

Natalya shares backstage insights on Reigns' captivating Bloodline storyline.

by Atia Mukhtar
Bret Hart Inspires Roman Reigns: WWE Star's Wrestling Journey

In a recent interview with Sportskeeda's WrestleBinge, WWE Superstar Natalya shared an intriguing revelation about Roman Reigns' wrestling inspiration. While Reigns hails from the legendary Anoa'i family, known for their rich wrestling heritage, Natalya claims that her uncle, Bret Hart, ignited Reigns' passion for the sport.

Despite portraying a villainous character on-screen, Reigns has always exhibited respect and kindness towards Natalya. During their conversation, the subject of Bret Hart arose, leading Reigns to express his admiration for the wrestling icon.

Natalya recounted their discussion: "Roman told me that Bret is why he wanted to do this. Even though he grew up in a wrestling family, he credits his uncle as his inspiration. So, I acknowledge Roman's respect for Bret."

Reigns' Bloodline Storyline Mirrors Hart Foundation's Impact

Natalya drew parallels between Reigns' current storyline with his faction, The Bloodline, and the legendary Hart Foundation of the 1990s.

She marveled at the impact of Reigns and his stable on the company, stating, "The Bloodline storyline has been phenomenal for WWE. I find it fascinating to follow their narrative. It reminded me of the Hart Foundation's dynamic when we had Brian Pillman, my dad, Davey, and Bret.

There's that same Bloodline vibe." Expressing her enthusiasm for the ongoing storyline, Natalya admitted that she, like many others, is captivated by its unfolding chapters. Contrary to expectations that the narrative might conclude after WrestleMania when The Usos lost the tag titles, the audience's desire to continue The Bloodline has been overwhelming.

Natalya explained, "Nobody wants to see it end. It has been something. We want to see where it's going to go. It's compelling television, and I love watching it unfold even as someone within the company." Natalya's revelation about Roman Reigns finding inspiration in Bret Hart's wrestling prowess adds a new layer of appreciation for Reigns' journey.

With his respect for the legendary Hart and his remarkable success as the Tribal Chief, Reigns continues to solidify his position as one of the most captivating figures in WWE today. As the ongoing Bloodline storyline evolves, fans eagerly anticipate the next chapter in Reigns' compelling narrative.

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