WWE Legend Immensely Influential in Sabu Career


WWE Legend Immensely Influential in Sabu Career

Sabu, celebrated wrestler, has expressed heartfelt gratitude to Mick Foley, the WWE Hall of Famer, for his significant contribution to Sabu's professional wrestling journey. Sabu and Foley have met in the wrestling ring on numerous occasions, with a notable bout on "ECW Hardcore TV" in 1994, which saw Sabu, nicknamed "The Homicidal, Suicidal, Genocidal, Death-Defying Maniac," score a win over Foley's character, Cactus Jack.

Sabu openly expressed his profound admiration for Mick Foley, also known as "The Hardcore Legend," in a recent interaction. During a virtual signing event with Golden Ring Collectibles, Sabu paid homage to Foley's supportive role in his career.

He remarked, "You know, he's done so much for me. He's done more for me in the business than nearly anyone else – the only one who's done more than him is my uncle [The Original Sheik]. I swear, he's done so much for me."

Foley's Generosity in Sabu's Illness

Sabu shared an incident from his past when he was ill and a benefit show was organized in Japan.

Foley demonstrated his friendship and generosity by auctioning his WWF Championship belt and his trademark plaid shirt, collectively raising a total of $16,000. Sabu, the former ECW World Heavyweight Champion, experienced a wave of mixed emotions when Foley presented him with the funds.

Despite his surprise and appreciation, Sabu made it clear that he intended to repay Foley's generosity one day. In more recent news, Sabu made his debut in All Elite Wrestling (AEW). The 58-year-old wrestling veteran, last seen in action during the summer of 2021, made a surprise appearance on the "Dynamite" episode aired on May 24.

It was announced that Sabu would be supporting Adam Cole in his unsanctioned match against Chris Jericho at the upcoming event, Double or Nothing. Sabu was bestowed with the role of a special guest enforcer for this eagerly anticipated pay-per-view match.

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