Ryback Claims WWE Aims to Punish Him as an Example


Ryback Claims WWE Aims to Punish Him as an Example
Ryback Claims WWE Aims to Punish Him as an Example

In an unexpected declaration, former WWE Intercontinental Champion Ryback claims to be a solitary victim of an ongoing feud with WWE and its head, Vince McMahon. The wrestler believes he has been unfairly targeted and financially penalized by the company in a bid to make an example of him.

Ryback, real name Ryan Reeves, opened up about his situation during an episode of the "Keepin' It 100" podcast, alleging that unknown entities have stifled his social media presence, notably on TikTok, leading to a significant drop in his revenue over the past two years.

He points the finger squarely at McMahon, who he believes orchestrates this coordinated effort. The former WWE superstar accused McMahon and WWE of leveraging their power to damage his reputation and livelihood, stating, "They're fully aware of everything going on with that.

They want to make an example out of me with what I did." He refers to the moment he decided to quit WWE, a decision he substantiated with a detailed blog post criticizing the company and McMahon in 2016.

Wrestling's Personal Vendetta

Ryback's assertions raise questions about whether WWE and McMahon would devote resources to such a personal vendetta, given their more significant concerns, including McMahon's recent return to his leadership role and the impending merger with UFC.

But Ryback argues that McMahon's wealth allows him to engage in such battles without much inconvenience. "Billionaires don't act like everyone else," Ryback lamented. "They do it in evil ways and grimy ways." This remark references his legal battle with WWE over the rights to his ring name.

Much like the Ultimate Warrior, Ryan Reeves officially changed his name to Ryback Reeves to retain control over his stage name. Ryback paints a picture of financial duress, alleging that WWE is attempting to force him into a powerless position.

According to him, the company intends to make it impossible for him to wrestle again. In his words, McMahon enjoys teaching his talent to "eat sh** and love it." However, the defiant Ryback retorts, "What he doesn't know is, no, I will never eat your sh** again; I'm done." Despite the uphill battle, Ryback remains firm in his resolve to defy WWE and McMahon, emphasizing that he is, in no uncertain terms, finished playing their game.