Drew McIntyre WWE Return Confirmed by SmackDown Star!

Speculation mounts as meetings hint at Drew McIntyre's return.

by Atia Mukhtar
Drew McIntyre WWE Return Confirmed by SmackDown Star!

Drew McIntyre, a prominent figure in WWE, has been absent from television screens for several months, leading to speculation about his future with the company. Recent rumors have suggested that McIntyre may consider leaving WWE once his contract expires.

According to a report by PWInsider, WWE Creative has been working on plans to reintegrate McIntyre into storylines before the Money in the Bank event, which will be held in London, England, this year. The company is keen on featuring its top European stars at the show, making McIntyre's presence highly desirable.

Meetings Pave Way for McIntyre's WWE Comeback

In the past few weeks, meetings have occurred to discuss ideas for McIntyre's return to WWE television. His absence from the ring has been notable since his Intercontinental Title match against Gunther and Sheamus at WrestleMania 39.

Despite being drafted to Raw in the WWE Draft, McIntyre has yet to make his comeback. During an interview with Catholic Ridge Holland, a member of The Brawling Brutes, he shared his thoughts on McIntyre's situation. While he admitted not having any factual information, Holland expressed his belief that McIntyre would eventually return to a WWE ring.

Describing McIntyre as a dedicated athlete, Holland joked about him lifting weights in the gym, implying that the star is maintaining his fitness during his absence. As for McIntyre's contract status, any updates regarding a potential renewal with WWE still need to be updated.

His current deal is expected to expire early in 2024. The focus of ongoing discussions is reportedly centered around the creative direction for McIntyre. After proving himself as a major star and a brand ambassador for the company, McIntyre seeks clear and well-defined advice within WWE.

Despite his future uncertainty, McIntyre has been announced for his first public appearance as a WWE star since WrestleMania 39. This is an indication that the company expects him to remain with them. As fans eagerly await Drew McIntyre's return to WWE television, the anticipation of the next chapter in his illustrious career continues to grow.

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