WWE Legends to Feature in Goldberg Farewell Show


WWE Legends to Feature in Goldberg Farewell Show
WWE Legends to Feature in Goldberg Farewell Show

According to Fightful Select, Israel-based promoters are developing a monumental event to mark the retirement of the wrestling legend Bill Goldberg. This high-profile show is anticipated to include some of the wrestling world's biggest names, including WWE Hall of Famers Rob Van Dam, Sting, John Morrison, and Chris Masters.

While the talks are ongoing, the Israeli company is optimistic about signing Goldberg for a match, even though the deal has yet to be formally sealed. This aligns with recent revelations by Rick Bassman, the veteran promoter and agent.

He confirmed in early May that he is in active discussions with Goldberg to orchestrate a landmark event in Jerusalem, Israel, scheduled for September. Interestingly, this coincides with the 26th anniversary of Goldberg's official World Championship Wrestling (WCW) debut.

Sting, another illustrious name from the world of wrestling and a fellow WWE Hall of Famer is expected to play a significant role in the retirement show. However, Bassman was careful not to confirm whether the two legends, Goldberg and Sting, would share the ring for the exact match.

The anticipation of such an iconic wrestling face-off adds to the build-up and intrigue around the show.

Goldberg's Possible WWE Comeback

Bassman has been in ongoing conversations with Goldberg's agent, Barry Bloom, to finalize the show's details and potential tour plans.

The veteran promoter hinted at the possibility of Goldberg returning to the WWE for a "massive" event but remained cryptic about what that might entail. This highly-anticipated show, marking the culmination of Goldberg's illustrious wrestling career, is not only expected to be a crowd-puller but also a momentous occasion to celebrate the remarkable journey of a wrestling legend.

The potential for some of the most celebrated names in wrestling to feature only adds to the spectacle. Wrestling fans worldwide eagerly await more details on this landmark event, hoping for a grand spectacle worthy of bidding farewell to one of the most outstanding performers in the history of professional wrestling.

All eyes are now on the negotiations, with the wrestling community anxiously looking forward to what promises to be an unforgettable event.


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