CM Punk Discusses AEW Collision's Ups and Downs, Contemplates AEW Exit, and More

CM Punk's ESPN interview illuminates wrestling's exciting new horizon.

by Noman Rasool
CM Punk Discusses AEW Collision's Ups and Downs, Contemplates AEW Exit, and More

This week, CM Punk's recent ESPN interview has been a significant talking point in the wrestling community. The conversation served as a promotional platform for the much-anticipated premiere of AEW Collision. Tonight, wrestling enthusiasts can look forward to a thrilling encounter headlined by Punk partnering with the reigning AEW World Tag Team Champions, FTR.

They will clash against the formidable trio of Juice Robinson, Jay White, and ROH World Television Champion Samoa Joe. The seasoned wrestler candidly spoke about the implications of increased television time in AEW Collision, highlighting the opportunities it brings to promising talents like Hobbs and Starks.

Punk believes they possess the potential to replicate the success of MJF, another young wrestler who capitalized on his substantial screen time to catapult his career. "It's high time we spotlight various talents, much like we've done with MJF.

He's earned substantial screen time because of his skills," Punk stated. "But now, for many guys, it's a case of sink or swim. They must demonstrate why we've entrusted them with this precious airtime and why they deserve to be in the spotlight."

AEW Collision's Weekend Challenge

AEW Collision is bracing for stiff competition, given the bustling sports activities each weekend.

Wrestling has not had a significant TV presence on Saturdays in over two decades, making the task even more challenging. However, in a recent interaction, AEW President Tony Khan revealed that network partner TNT was keen on expanding AEW programming, resulting in the selection of Saturday Night.

In this challenging landscape, CM Punk remains optimistic as the face of the brand. He stated, "Being the poster boy is something people dream about. And it's not easy to deal with the criticisms that come with it, but I view it as a challenge." He further expressed his confidence about ticket sales on Saturdays, contending that selling tickets for a live weekend event would be more straightforward compared to a workday, like Wednesday.

"Possibly, there are positives and negatives," said Punk, "But I don't view the negatives as anything extraordinarily detrimental." He optimistically looks forward to the new show's opportunities, signaling exciting times for the world of wrestling.

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