Angelo Dawkins Dismisses Street Profits Split, Eyes New Day's Success Model

Dawkins counters breakup speculations, draws inspiration from The New Day.

by Noman Rasool
Angelo Dawkins Dismisses Street Profits Split, Eyes New Day's Success Model

In a recent episode of The Ringer's popular Masked Man Show, Angelo Dawkins, one-half of the multi-time tag champions, Street Profits, candidly discussed the recurrent conjecture about his partnership with Montez Ford potentially dissolving.

The seasoned tag-team wrestler disapproved of the widespread perception that he and Ford must separate to achieve successful solo careers. Dawkins envisions their trajectory to parallel that of The New Day, a team lauded for their consistency and unity since their inception.

"It seems like there is an odd fascination with breakups," Dawkins observed. This trend of parting ways is not unique to professional wrestling but extends to various domains, including mainstream sports and music. Dawkins pointed out that while one individual often ascends after a group disbands, the Street Profits aim to replicate the template of success employed by The New Day.

They are committed to maintaining their bond, supporting each other relentlessly even when pursuing individual endeavors.

Individual Success Within Unity

Dawkins elaborated on this team ethos and recalled Ford's impressive performance at the Elimination Chamber.

"I was there, offering my unwavering support, ensuring he was mentally prepared and ready to stun the world. And he did exactly that," he said. Dawkins affirmed that such mutual support reinforces their partnership rather than weakens it.

Dawkins responded to the prevailing sentiment that he and Ford are destined for significant individual success, implying a need for the Street Profits to separate. He begged to differ, expressing his conviction that they could pursue personal objectives while having each other's back.
"We can execute our side missions and captivate audiences individually, all while sticking together.

Yes, we do get tired and need to catch our breath, but that's the essence of tag-team wrestling," he said. Dawkins firmly believes in the duo's capacity to continue as a formidable tag team while concurrently striving towards personal achievements.

In conclusion, Dawkins reiterated the Street Profits' intention to uphold their unity and mutual support as they continue their successful run in WWE. They aspire to showcase their capabilities without succumbing to the perceived need to split up, drawing inspiration from the enduring success of The New Day.

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