The Bloodline Civil War Roman Reigns, Solo Sikoa vs The Usos at WWE Money in the Bank

Family ties shattered as Bloodline members face internal turmoil.

by Noman Rasool
The Bloodline Civil War Roman Reigns, Solo Sikoa vs The Usos at WWE Money in the Bank

In a pivotal turn of events on the latest episode of "WWE SmackDown," the simmering tensions within The Bloodline faction he erupted into a full-blown conflict. Jey Uso, after years of loyal allegiance to his cousin Roman Reigns and Solo Sikoa, shockingly aligned himself with his twin brother Jimmy, severing his ties with the group he helped forge.

The lasting image of the show depicted The Usos standing triumphantly over their fallen cousin and younger brother, signaling that this bitter familial feud had only just begun. WWE wasted no time in confirming that the next chapter in the legendary Bloodline saga would unfold at Money in the Bank 2023, where Jimmy and Jey would collide with Reigns and Sikoa in a highly anticipated "Bloodline Civil War" match, set to take place in London, England.

Past Clash and Lingering Tensions

The upcoming encounter will mark the first time since 2020 that The Usos stand face-to-face with their formidable cousin inside the squared circle. Their previous clash occurred in an intensely brutal I Quit Hell in a Cell match, where Jey fell to Reigns.

The dissolution of The Bloodline had been a long time coming, with the cracks becoming increasingly apparent earlier this year when Sami Zayn betrayed Roman Reigns at the Royal Rumble event. Since then, the group has frequently exhibited discord and internal strife.

Despite the challenges of maintaining familial unity, "The Tribal Chief," Roman Reigns, has remained an unstoppable force at the pinnacle of WWE. Reigning as the undisputed WWE Universal Champion, he has surpassed an impressive 1000-day reign since his last title defense against Cody Rhodes at WrestleMania 39.

Authorities show no signs of relinquishing his grip on the coveted championship, firmly establishing himself as the dominant force within the company. As the "Bloodline Civil War" looms on the horizon, anticipation runs high among fans eager to witness this deeply personal clash unfold.

The storied history between Reigns, Sikoa, and The Usos adds emotional intensity to the impending showdown. With the stage set in London, England, all eyes will be on these four warriors as they battle for familial pride, championship glory, and, ultimately, the future of The Bloodline. The resolution of this conflict promises to shape the landscape of WWE for months to come.

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