Mike Chioda Elucidates the Significance of Being a 'Senior Official' in WWE


Mike Chioda Elucidates the Significance of Being a 'Senior Official' in WWE

Mike Chioda, with a career spanning over three decades as a professional wrestling referee, predominantly in the WWE, easily ranks among the most recognizable faces in the sport, standing shoulder to shoulder with notable figures like Earl Hebner, Charles "Lil Naitch" Robinson, and Nick Patrick.

Most of Chioda's illustrious tenure in the WWE culminated in his promotion to a senior official position, a distinction he held until his dismissal during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in April 2020. A common assumption is that Chioda, as a senior official, would have enjoyed many exclusive privileges, including the power to dismiss other officials.

Chioda addressed these notions during a recent "Monday Mailbag" segment, where he answered a fan's question about the perks of being a senior official in the WWE.

Chioda Denies Official Dismissal Power

Chioda emphatically denied possessing any such power, neither desiring it.

"No, I never did have that power, nor did I want that power," he asserted. "Maybe now, if I were involved in training or coaching, that would be different. But as Mike Chioda, my role was straightforward: to execute my job to the best of my abilities and to offer advice and guidance to those who sought it." Chioda spoke of his efforts to support his fellow officials, providing mentorship and sharing his wealth of experience.

He offered constructive criticism when necessary and helped others navigate the profession's challenges. However, he made it clear that his role did not involve dictating terms or overseeing their performance in an official capacity.

When probed further on the topic, Chioda confirmed that there were certain advantages associated with the role of a senior WWE official. However, he quickly clarified that these perks might not be as lavish as one might anticipate.

"Better pay, main event matches," Chioda listed, pondering if being a household name was another advantage, albeit a less tangible. Chioda's candid conversation provided a fascinating insight into the relatively less explored world of wrestling officials, shattering myths and sharing the realities of his profession.

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