Mark Henry: LA Knight Must Advocate for His WWE Future


Mark Henry: LA Knight Must Advocate for His WWE Future

LA Knight, an emerging WWE star, has captivated the audience with his charismatic persona and engaging promos. Despite his success, he hasn't received substantial backing from WWE's creative team, a fact discussed by Mark Henry and Bully Ray on an episode of "Busted Open Radio." The two veterans expressed their discontent about the inconsistent promotion of wrestlers by WWE.

"It's disappointing when a wrestler gains popularity organically, but the management decides to invest their resources elsewhere," Henry asserted. He elaborated, “Instead of supporting an individual who has already captivated the audience, they shift their focus.

That’s akin to missing an opportunity to pour fuel on a roaring fire!”

Henry's Advice: Speak Up, Shine

Henry then reminisced about his own tenure in WWE, advising Knight to approach management directly for better opportunities.

"The ones who speak up get noticed. Demand their attention, request them to utilize your skills better," Henry suggested. He added that wrestlers must demonstrate their dedication and value to the company, much like he did by volunteering for additional responsibilities including media interactions and involvement in philanthropic activities such as Make a Wish and Special Olympics.

Henry then highlighted the importance of self-advocacy, "You need to vouch for yourself. If they refuse to listen, then you should reconsider your options when your contract renewal is due." Bully Ray concurred, recalling advice from a seasoned WWE veteran, X-Pac.

He revealed, "X-Pac once told me to make noise, be heard. And I find that advice incredibly relevant even today." Ray elaborated how X-Pac's counsel was weighty as he was closely associated with a circle of top talent known for their active involvement in shaping their careers.

He cited the examples of "Road Dogg, Billy Gunn, Hunter, Shawn Michaels, Kevin Nash, and Scott Hall" - all individuals unafraid to voice their concerns regarding their career trajectories. For Knight, however, things might be turning around.

He recently qualified for the men's Money in the Bank Ladder Match, making him an early contender for the win. His journey underlines the importance of self-advocacy in WWE, emphasizing that one's voice can often be the key to unlocking further opportunities.

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