Bully Ray Disapproval of Dominik Mysterio in WWE's Most Wanted Treasures


Bully Ray Disapproval of Dominik Mysterio in WWE's Most Wanted Treasures

WWE newcomer Dominik Mysterio has recently been creating quite the buzz in the wrestling world, establishing himself as an unusually prominent draw for audience jeers and boos. His bold performances, though often drowned out by the uproarious fan reactions, have earned him notable recognition among WWE's veterans and fans.

However, his slated appearance on the upcoming episode of WWE's 'Hidden Treasures' has sparked controversy, with WWE Hall Of Famer Bully Ray voicing his concerns during a recent 'Busted Open Radio' session. Bully Ray elaborated on the format of 'Hidden Treasures', where participating wrestlers are tasked with the exciting job of locating historical artefacts or memorabilia, ranging from classic ring gear to iconic props, tied to legendary wrestling figures.

Dominik Mysterio, according to Bully Ray, is set to appear in the next episode on a quest for items related to his father Rey Mysterio, or the late great Eddie Guerrero. "I am interested to see this show because I want to see what light they present Dom in," Bully Ray revealed during the radio conversation, voicing his curiosity regarding how the young wrestler will be portrayed in this unusual context.

Bully Ray's Character Preservation Concerns

The heart of Bully Ray's concern, however, lies in the fact that 'Hidden Treasures' typically presents wrestlers as their authentic selves, stepping outside of their on-ring personas.

Bully Ray sees this as potentially detrimental, potentially jeopardizing the mystique and aura of the wrestler's in-ring character. He fears that if Dominik is pulled entirely out of his on-screen persona, it could disrupt the narrative and immersion that WWE is so renowned for cultivating.

"If they pull Dom completely out of his character, I don't agree with stuff like that," Bully Ray declared emphatically. "I'm not a fan of that, nor do I agree with it." His sentiment mirrors the protective sentiment many in the industry have toward preserving the integrity of wrestling's characters, highlighting the delicate balance WWE must maintain between their entertainment ventures and the narrative consistency of their wrestling universe.

Bully Ray's comments point to a broader dialogue around the evolution of wrestling's narrative approach, particularly in the face of reality-based programming. Only time will tell if his concerns prove valid when Dominik Mysterio appears on 'Hidden Treasures.'

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