Ex-WWE Star Spotted at AEW Collision


Ex-WWE Star Spotted at AEW Collision

The wrestling world is abuzz with speculation as former WWE superstar, Chris Hero, was spotted backstage at the recent AEW Collision event, sparking rumors of his potential transition into a new phase of his illustrious career.

Hero's presence has piqued interest as he is renowned for his dedication and contributions to wrestling over the past quarter-century. At the age of 43, Hero continues to be a formidable figure in the sport. Known widely for his exemplary performances in independent circuits in the 2000s, he gained prominence as a regular participant in Ring of Honor (ROH).

Together with Claudio Castagnoli, now the reigning ROH World Champion and a frequent performer on AEW TV, Hero formed the formidable Kings of Wrestling tag team. Hero's time in WWE was split across two stints, from 2011-2013 and again from 2016-2019.

Under the alias of Kassius Ohno, Hero initially made waves when CM Punk proposed the formation of The Shield, a new faction featuring Hero, Seth Rollins, and Jon Moxley. While WWE was in favor of the concept, they chose Roman Reigns over Hero, a decision that shaped wrestling history.

Hero's Potential Backstage Role

Leading up to the AEW Collision event, Fightful Select reported that Chris Jericho was being considered for a backstage role, fueling the fires of conjecture. Hero's name surfaced as a possible recruit on a trial basis.

Although no official job designation was declared, it is common for seasoned wrestlers like Hero to take on coaching or producing responsibilities. With his wealth of professional wrestling experience and vast knowledge, Hero's involvement behind the scenes would undoubtedly be a significant advantage for AEW.

This development comes shortly after AEW parted ways with Coach/Producer BJ Whitmer. Despite being released by WWE over three years ago and not participating in any matches since, Hero has clarified that he is not retired.

He revealed to Fightful that he is waiting for the right opportunity to step back into the ring. Hero shares a deep-rooted history with several members of the AEW roster, including CM Punk, Claudio Castagnoli, and Samoa Joe, to name a few.

His potential involvement with AEW signals exciting possibilities, particularly for wrestlers in their late 30s and early 40s who have previously crossed paths with him.