Ryback Grievance: WWE's Failure to Provide Expected Protection

Former WWE Superstar Ryback Opens Up About Career Frustrations.

by Atia Mukhtar
Ryback Grievance: WWE's Failure to Provide Expected Protection

Ryback, the former WWE Superstar, recently expressed his disappointment with the way he was handled by the company during his career peak. Speaking on the "Keepin' It 100" podcast, he opened up about feeling let down by WWE's failure to protect him adequately.

One particular incident that still lingered in Ryback's mind was his Hell In A Cell match against CM Punk for the WWE Championship. It was a pivotal moment in his career, but unfortunately, he lost the match due to a low blow from Brad Maddox.

This turn of events had a lasting impact on Ryback and hindered his ability to recover fully.

Ryback's Heart-Sinking Revelation

Recalling that fateful day, Ryback revealed, "I remember they told me the finish that day and my heart kind of fell into my stomach because it just didn't feel right and I go, 'F***.'

" Despite his reservations, he remained professional and had a lengthy conversation with Vince McMahon, WWE's chairman. Ryback understood that as a contracted performer, he had to abide by the company's decisions. During that period, Ryback was thrust into a storyline against Punk, filling the void left by John Cena's injury.

Despite this opportunity, he couldn't shake the feeling that he was merely being used as a supporting player to enhance Punk's character. This sentiment continued when he later feuded with Cena. "When it came back to Cena and they turned me heel, I think people thought that was going to be my time.

Unfortunately, it turned out to be playing a supporting role to get Cena over, and things didn't go as expected," he explained. Ryback acknowledged that he had the option to voice his concerns to Vince McMahon, expressing his belief that the direction of his character wasn't ideal.

In retrospect, Ryback's comments shed light on the frustrations he experienced within the WWE. He believed that the company failed to protect him as he had anticipated, ultimately impacting his trajectory in the industry. As he continues to share his experiences, fans and industry insiders are left contemplating the complexities of navigating the world of professional wrestling.