Tommy Dreamer Discusses WWE Draft's Effect on NXT

Major shakeups are happening in WWE NXT post-Draft.

by Noman Rasool
Tommy Dreamer Discusses WWE Draft's Effect on NXT

Pro wrestling veteran Tommy Dreamer has voiced his perspective on the recent developments in WWE NXT following the WWE Draft. Dreamer's insightful views come in light of a series of announcements and sweeping changes at NXT, including a staggering four title matches scheduled for the conclusion of June.

This impressive lineup includes competitors from the brand's core roster and the central WWE platform. In a recent conversation on "Busted Open Radio," Dreamer emphasized the mixed impact of the talent shuffle between the main roster and NXT.

While acknowledging the potential drawbacks, Dreamer also highlighted the opportunities it offers for younger talents to learn from seasoned wrestlers. Standout performers such as Los Lotharios, Dana Brooke, Mustafa Ali, and Baron Corbin, who recently joined the NXT platform from the main roster, can provide valuable learning experiences for these rising stars.

Dreamer Analyzes WWE Draft's Aftermath

"NXT received the brunt of the impact from the WWE Draft," Dreamer stated. He noted that many talents drafted to the main roster often need to be utilized more. The grass might appear greener on the other side, but Dreamer advises young wrestlers to appreciate the exposure and learning opportunities that come with remaining on NXT.

"Being content with where you are key, as it guarantees more TV exposure and allows fans to become invested in your character," he added. Dreamers also underlined the importance of appreciating their position in NXT, advising wrestlers to avoid setting overly ambitious goals.

In his words, the NXT platform offers a unique opportunity for growth. "You're learning, earning, and engaging with an audience that appreciates you," Dreamer explained, "There's a significant difference between performing at a training facility and being in front of live TV cameras, traveling constantly, and interacting with veteran performers.

These changes are undeniably beneficial for the young talents." The impact of these changes will soon be felt in the upcoming "NXT Gold Rush" special, split over two episodes. Notably, World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins is set to defend his title against rising star Bron Breakker.

Moreover, in a historic move, Women's Tag Team Champions Ronda Rousey and Shayna Baszler will face off against NXT Women's Tag Team Champions Alba Fyre and Isla Dawn to unify the two titles on WWE SmackDown, airing on June 23.

These developments will undeniably reshape the landscape of WWE NXT, offering an exciting future for the brand and its talents.

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