Bully Ray Criticizes Zoey Stark's WWE Main Roster Performance

WWE newcomer Zoey Stark faces unexpected critique from Bully Ray.

by Noman Rasool
Bully Ray Criticizes Zoey Stark's WWE Main Roster Performance

Professional wrestling personality and renowned critic Bully Ray has been known to support young wrestler Zoey Stark. Earlier in the year, the WWE NXT leader, Shawn Michaels, appeared on Ray's podcast, where they exchanged words of praise and projected a promising career trajectory for the 29-year-old wrestler.

Stark, who entered the spotlight as the mentee of legendary wrestler Trish Stratus on "WWE Raw," has captured the attention and admiration of many fans. However, despite this consensus, Ray has been noticeably critical of Stark's contributions to the main roster.

Ray's Disappointment with Stark's Transition

Ray recently shared his opinions on Busted Open Radio, expressing his disappointment. "I was genuinely captivated by Zoey Stark's performances in NXT. However, her transition to the main roster hasn't been as impressive," he stated.

He then speculated on possible reasons for this discrepancy, pondering, "Is it the intense spotlight of Monday Night Raw, or perhaps the unfamiliarity of receiving directives from Gorilla that's hampering her?" Ray also took time to articulate his specific criticisms.

"My concern isn't exactly rooted in her scripted lines," he clarified. "It's more about her delivery. It's about the emotional resonance, tone, inflection, volume, energy, and personality that she brings—or doesn't bring—to her performances.

When I observe Zoey, it's almost as if I can see her mind going through her script." While the WWE scriptwriters were spared from Ray's scrutiny, he hypothesized that Vince McMahon, the WWE CEO, might influence Stark's character development, perhaps not for the better.

Ray noted, "Take, for instance, at the end of her match, when she sits atop the ladder after Becky's victory over Chelsea. Her 'I'll get my revenge' wrestling face appears forced and cliché. That kind of over-the-top persona feels like Vince's influence.

I greatly respect Vince, but sometimes his directives seem excessively theatrical." As wrestling fans eagerly await the women's Money in the Bank match on July 1, they will watch Zoey Stark, Becky Lynch, and four other female wrestlers as they compete for the prestigious briefcase. Regardless of the outcome, one can only hope that Stark continues to grow and improve as a performer.

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