Tod Gordon Accuses Paul Heyman of Misrepresenting ECW's History

ECW co-founder, Tod Gordon, breaks silence with shocking revelations.

by Noman Rasool
Tod Gordon Accuses Paul Heyman of Misrepresenting ECW's History

Tod Gordon, co-founder and original owner of Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW), promises to set the record straight on the reality of the famed promotion's history. He alleges that Paul Heyman, former ECW owner, and booker, has misrepresented facts concerning the rise and fall of the ECW, and he intends to reveal the truth in an upcoming book.

Gordon Exposes Untold ECW Stories

In an interview, Gordon passionately declared his intentions to break the silence on numerous untold stories. "There's an abundance of information that the public remains oblivious to," he said.

He intended to expose shocking details about the eclectic mix of elements such as drugs, s*x, and rock and roll, which defined the wrestling world then, alongside highlighting darker aspects, including dishonesty that prevailed within the industry.

His co-author, Sean Oliver, known for his involvement with Kayfabe Commentaries, has been instrumental in the book's creation. Their relationship started when Gordon appeared in Oliver's DVD series, and the latter was persistent in his proposition to pen down a book.

However, it wasn't until Paul Heyman's WWE DVD release that Gordon felt compelled to break his long-standing silence. He watched the DVD with disbelief, stating, "I've kept quiet for decades, and there he is, still distorting the truth.

I couldn't stand it anymore. I had to recount the true stories." Despite his initial reluctance, Gordon was convinced by Oliver that his account needed to be shared. "He told me, 'This story needs to be told,'" said Gordon. He was determined to dispel misconceptions about Heyman's role in ECW.

"There's a misconception that it was Paul's company, which significantly distorts the truth. Although eventually, it did become that." Gordon promises that his forthcoming book will be a revelation to any ECW fan or wrestling enthusiast seeking the raw truth about the backstage realities of one of history's most controversial wrestling promotions. The book aims to challenge Heyman's narrative and reveal a genuine version of the events behind the scenes.

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