Konnan Discusses Rey Mysterio's Continued Success in WWE

Exploring Rey Mysterio's enduring career in the wrestling world.

by Noman Rasool
Konnan Discusses Rey Mysterio's Continued Success in WWE

Despite an enduring career spanning numerous decades in professional wrestling, Rey Mysterio continues to perform exceptionally. His longtime confidant, Konnan, shared the reasons behind his maintained dynamism and extraordinary fitness on the widely-listened "K100" podcast.

Drawing parallels between Mysterio and other high-performing athletes, Konnan stated, "Rey is comparable to top-tier athletes such as LeBron James, primarily because they both invest heavily in maintaining their physical prowess." Further elucidating Mysterio's wellness regimen, Konnan added, "He's utilizing advanced treatment modalities like stem cell therapy and cryotherapy, among other things."

Konnan Supports Mysterio-Reigns Showdown

Konnan voiced his approval while responding to an engaging fan question about the possibility of Mysterio squaring off against Roman Reigns for the coveted company's title.

As a seasoned booker for AAA, Konnan presented the idea of incorporating the Latino World Order (LWO) in a storyline involving Reigns' faction, The Bloodline. Interestingly, Mysterio and Reigns had already locked horns back in 2021 in a riveting Hell in a Cell match on the June 18 episode of "WWE SmackDown." Despite Mysterio's valiant efforts, Reigns emerged victorious.

Currently, the wrestling landscape is abuzz with rumors of The Usos potentially severing ties with The Bloodline, even as Mysterio provides unwavering support to his LWO comrades. Mysterio's career is a testament to his resilience and unyielding spirit, allowing him to attain immense success in a domain often dominated by larger competitors.

His remarkable achievements include clinching the world championship and becoming the first WWE competitor to secure a tag title alongside his offspring. Adding yet another feather to his embellished cap, Mysterio was inducted into the esteemed WWE Hall of Fame this year, a remarkable honor he received even before drawing the curtains on his illustrious career.

Providing a fitting tribute to his enduring friendship and professional camaraderie, Mysterio's Hall of Fame induction speech was eloquently delivered by Konnan.

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