LA Knight Warns Against WWE Superstar Risky Decision Money in the Bank Ladder Match


LA Knight Warns Against WWE Superstar Risky Decision Money in the Bank Ladder Match
LA Knight Warns Against WWE Superstar Risky Decision Money in the Bank Ladder Match

LA Knight, the charismatic WWE superstar, has raised a cautionary flag for a returning WWE athlete on the eve of the highly anticipated Money in the Bank event. Scheduled to take place on July 1st at the illustrious O2 Arena in London, the Money in the Bank 2023 promises exhilarating ladder matches and fierce competition.

LA Knight secured his spot in the Men's Money in the Bank ladder match by triumphing over Montez Ford on SmackDown, employing a cunning roll-up pin and leveraging the ropes for added advantage. In a recent interview with Metro, the 40-year-old ring veteran expressed his concerns about the potential involvement of popular YouTuber Logan Paul in the upcoming ladder match.

Although Logan Paul is set to make his return to WWE on tonight's episode of RAW in Cleveland, LA Knight believes that it would be an ill-advised decision for the online sensation to enter the ladder match fray.

LA Knight's Stark Warning

Knight, brimming with confidence, warned, "Well, I think that’d be a very bad idea for him!

As much as he’s shined in all of his matches he’s had so far, he’s gonna find out that it’s not gonna be quite the same shine this time around when I’m in that ring". The determined LA Knight sees Money in the Bank as his opportunity to ascend to WWE's main roster.

Having made his debut on the main stage last year as Max Dupri, leading the Maximum Male Models faction, Knight's current persona has struck a chord with fans. However, despite his popularity, the company has yet to fully unleash his potential as a top star.

This could all change if he secures the Money in the Bank contract at this high-stakes event. During the Metro interview, Knight emphasized that his arrival on the main roster has been long overdue and came after enduring numerous hardships and sacrifices in his quest to make it in WWE.

"I’m ready to go. This is something, for me, that I feel’s been long overdue. It’s been something that I’ve had to break my a** for. It’s something I’ve had to be broke for, sleep in cars and drive all across the United States and fly around the world to make this happen – finally, here we are," he passionately expressed [H/T: Metro].

With fans eagerly rallying behind LA Knight in his pursuit of the Money in the Bank contract and the guaranteed championship opportunity it holds, the wrestling world awaits the climactic moment when a victor emerges from the intense competition.

As the stage is set for a night of high-stakes action, only time will reveal which extraordinary superstar will seize the coveted Money in the Bank contract, securing a golden chance to etch their name in the annals of WWE history.

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