Brandi Rhodes Encourages WWE Raw Participant to Counterattack Rhea Ripley

Rhea Ripley's dominance stirs reaction from Brandi Rhodes.

by Noman Rasool
Brandi Rhodes Encourages WWE Raw Participant to Counterattack Rhea Ripley

Brandi Rhodes appears to have had enough of Rhea Ripley's domineering tactics within the WWE. On the recent Monday's "WWE Raw," Ripley, although not officially engaged in a match, exerted an unmissable and impactful presence.

Ripley aggressively ambushed her from behind before her planned encounter with Natalya, a seasoned Canadian wrestler. She flung Natalya into the barricade and the ring steps, following up with a brutal assault against the LED apron.

The aggression did not stop there; Ripley continued to land ruthless headbutts on Natalya, culminating the attack with a Riptide. As the night progressed, Ripley interfered physically during the main event. She offered assistance to Dominik Mysterio and the Judgement Day team in their match against the team of Cody Rhodes, Sami Zayn, and Kevin Owens.

At a critical juncture, Ripley daringly invited Zayn to strike her. When Zayn took the bait and charged, Ripley deftly dodged, inadvertently causing Zayn to hit Mysterio with a somersault senton. This unforeseen diversion almost cost Judgment Day the match as Rhodes executed a Cody Cutter on Damian Priest, narrowly missing a pinfall.

In the end, however, Rhodes managed to secure a victory for his team by pinning Priest, eliciting a range of reactions from an irate Ripley.

Brandi's Call for Ripley's Retaliation

As Brandi watched the unfolding events live, she expressed sentiments resonating with many WWE fans.

"Somebody hit that gal," Brandi shared on Twitter, suggesting that Ripley would not be immune to retaliation from a male superstar. As seen in the shared footage, Ripley retorted to this by air-kissing Brandi. This is the second instance within a few weeks where Brandi has inserted herself into the escalating rivalry between Cody and Judgement Day.

As Cody is slated to wrestle Dominik Mysterio at Money in the Banks, there is speculation about Brandi's possible return to WWE programming to balance the scales against Ripley. Until then, Brandi's expressed wish may find fulfillment in Raquel Rodriguez, who, after a heated stare-down with Ripley on Monday's show, communicated unequivocally that she does not fear the reigning WWE Women's World Champion.

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