Angelina Love Reveals WWE Divas Trials and Scrapped Roster Debuts

Angelina Love's tumultuous journey in the world of WWE.

by Atia Mukhtar
Angelina Love Reveals WWE Divas Trials and Scrapped Roster Debuts

Despite checking all the boxes for the ideal WWE Diva in the mid-2000s, Angelina Love's journey to stardom in the WWE was full of roadblocks, preventing her from ever making a main roster appearance. In an intimate chat with "The Ten Count," Love took fans behind the scenes, revealing the obstacles she faced.

Her journey began with the OVW Divas tryout in late 2004, where she found an uninformed trainer, Lance Storm, due to a communication blip. Nevertheless, Love was verbally hired after two days, but needed to return to Canada to finalize her visa.

This visa process presented her with a crossroads – she could dive into the overflowing talent pool at OVW or wait for Deep South Wrestling to launch. Regrettably, Love chose the latter. "I felt OVW was too crowded, and I feared being overlooked," she reminisced, mentioning stars like Mickie James, Jillian Hall, Melina, and Michelle McCool, who were all in OVW at the time.

Dreams Derailed by Injury

After officially signing her WWE contract in January 2005, Love was in limbo until May when Deep South finally opened its doors. Here, she showcased her skills, managing Palmer Canon and feuding with Brooke Tessmacher, Taylor Wilde, and Natalya.

Despite the bumps on the road, Love was living her dream – until an unfortunate incident changed everything. Just when her main roster debut was in sight, a training injury dashed her dreams. "Ten days before my scheduled WWE Raw debut, I tore my ACL," Love said, describing the catastrophic event of early 2006.

Despite undergoing surgery in March, her recovery was not fast enough. She got another chance in August 2006, being placed in the crowd at "SmackDown." However, as Love recounted, Vince McMahon rewrote the entire show at the last minute, and her segment was scrapped.

Love shared, "I was told, 'We'll probably have you back next week,' but that never materialized." Instead of returning to the WWE, Love found herself being released, adding another twist in her roller-coaster journey. "I was set to appear at SmackDown on a Tuesday, but the Thursday before, I was released," she disclosed.

Her stint with WWE may have ended, but Love's passion for wrestling didn't. Shortly after her release, she began touring the indie wrestling scene and ultimately found a new home with TNA, reminding everyone that no matter the hurdles, the show must go on.