Booker T Speaks About Becoming NXT GM


Booker T Speaks About Becoming NXT GM
Booker T Speaks About Becoming NXT GM

Booker T is a legendary WWE Hall of Fame wrestler. Before joining the WWE, he was a famous WCW wrestler. He retired a few years ago but kept himself relevant in the professional wrestling industry through his podcast.

Booker T May Not Consider Becoming the NXT General Manager

Since ending his professional wrestling career, he has taken a few roles in the WWE.

He was a commentator for a long time, before being replaced by other more well-known commentators. He had a small run as the Smackdown General Manager. In 2012, that run ended. People on the internet have suggested that he become the next NXT General Manager.

Legendary wrestler William Regal was the NXT General Manager for a long time. On his podcast, Booker T spoke about the possibility of becoming the NXT General Manager. "I've been getting a lot of tweets over the last few [days] as far as people are lobbying for me to be the new general manager in 'NXT,'" Booker T said on "The Hall of Fame" podcast.

"Everybody wants the authority figure. And my thing is I like my spot. I like my spot. I like being right there at the [announce] table, you know, somebody come over there, you know, whack me and I go flying. I like that part of my job." Booker T likes the idea of Edge and Beth Phoenix becoming the General Managers on NXT.

A fan suggested this idea. Booker T believes that NXT as a brand probably doesn’t need a permanent general manager like the other WWE brands do. This is because NXT is WWE’s developmental brand and usually does not require a dedicated manager to manage the show.

Shawn Michaels is working as the WWE Senior Vice President of Talent Development Creative. He has appeared several times on WWE TV recently and was given the role in September 2022. Currently, Shawn is in charge of NXT. All of the creative decisions during the show and before it are made by him.

We have seen many WWE legends hold on-screen authority positions in the past. These include the late Dusty Rhodes, John Layfield, and William Regal. Regal is probably the most popular and recognized general manager that the NXT ever had.

Booker T appears in the ring a few years ago for his own promotion, Reality of Wrestling. He has no plans to return to the ring as he does not want to risk getting injured.

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